By - 4/4/17 - 9:22 pm

The MetroWest Daily News reports that after about a bazillion attempts over several decades, Framingham voters have finally voted to make their town a city. Read more.

By - 3/22/17 - 8:31 pm

A federal jury today convicted Barry Cadden, owner of the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, of racketeering and related charges for the fungus-laced drugs that killed 64 people across the country, the US Attorney's office reports.

However, the jury acquitted him of second-degree murder charges.

Sentencing was set for June 21.

By - 3/17/17 - 11:59 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court judge has ordered a Florida doctor and his wife to pay $13.5 million in penalties over the deceptive marketing methods they used in their now defunct Framingham erectile-dysfunction clinic, the state Attorney General's office reports. Read more.

By - 3/16/17 - 6:20 pm

The MetroWest Daily News reports from down the hall from its printing plant on New York Avenue in Framingham that its corporate parent GateHouse is shutting the plant down to save money. Read more.

By - 3/7/17 - 3:57 pm

The Herald reports ADL New England on Court Street, the Solomon Schechter Day School in Newton and the MetroWest Jewish Day School in Framingham were evacuated.

By - 1/27/17 - 10:13 am

J.L. Bell ponders why Henry Knox might have had the cannons he and his troops were hauling from Ticonderoga to Dorchester Heights brought to Framingham even though that meant diverting from the fastest route to the Boston area.

By - 1/26/17 - 1:00 pm

Beacon Architectural Associates (BAA) is excited to announce that our client the Sherborn Library will break ground on the library’s renovation and expansion project at 11 AM, Jan 28th, 2017. Peter C. Byerly, Principal at BAA, will be present at the groundbreaking ceremony along with the general contractor, owner’s project manager and Adams & Smith Architects.

By - 12/29/16 - 1:03 pm

Prevailing sentiment in progressive haunts is “2016, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Between a stressful election season, acts of terror, and the crisis in Syria, many of us will be glad to see the calendar page turn on Sunday night. Still, to every cloud there is a silver lining, and at least when it comes to tackling climate change in the US, Massachusetts was a bright spot amidst the clouds of 2016.

By - 12/21/16 - 5:58 pm

The MetroWest Daily News reports officials at Keefe Technical High School and Marian School have called off the season for their joint hockey team after concluding "an overall toxic and negative culture that has permeated the team dynamics." The News quotes a parent who is upset the entire team has to suffer for the actions of six players she says told "jokes that mention of the Holocaust and referring to stereotypes of people who practice the Jewish faith."

By - 12/14/16 - 8:15 pm

An outbound Worcester Line train gave it all it got, but that just wasn't enough to get past Framingham, so now its passengers have to wait for another train and people who were planning to come into town on the rebound ride will have to do the same.

By - 9/13/16 - 5:05 pm

A 4:35 p.m. train to Framingham was delayed 35 to 45 minutes due to a "mechanical issue."

By - 8/22/16 - 4:36 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court judge has ordered two companies that advertised erectile-dysfunction treatments that typically involved injecting drugs into patients' penises at a Framingham clinic to pay $17 million in penalties - with about a third of that to go to the men who put up with the procedure.

In a statement, however, the state Attorney General's office reports: Read more.

By - 6/17/16 - 5:44 pm

The MetroWest Daily News reports a probation officer in Framingham District Court was arraigned today on charges he traded a gun for some sex.

His arraignment comes the same week a Dorchester Municipal Court probation officer was to be arraigned on charges he raped a woman who had reported to his office as part of her sentence.

By - 4/25/16 - 7:19 am
Sunrise over the Massachusetts Turnpike

Massachusetts Turnpike, eastbound, 5:30 a.m. Photo by Jay Kenney.

By - 2/7/16 - 11:04 am

A federal appeals court last week ordered a trial for a civil-rights lawsuit by the family of a 68-year-old man shot to death as he lay on his stomach on the floor, his arms above his head, in a 2011 SWAT raid he had nothing to do with. Read more.

By - 1/7/16 - 7:45 pm
IDG logo

Former IDG exec Colin Crawford reports that IDG has retained Goldman Sachs as a prelude to selling itself off - ideally in one piece. Read more.

By - 1/6/16 - 7:45 am

Or as Shuchi M puts it:

Woot, they cancelled two trains, brought a smaller train than usual, and made the express a local. Where did the fare hike money go MBTA?

By - 12/15/15 - 7:06 pm
Derailed train cars in Framingham

This is what Ben saw when he looked out the window of his Worcester Line train in Framingham this afternoon.