Bay Village

By - 7/17/16 - 12:22 pm
There's a Midtown Boston?

Pilotblock noticed this map in the window of a South End real-estate broker, who's replaced Chinatown and Bay Village with "Midtown" (and dramatically expanded the range of "Waterfront" and de-annexed the Seaport from South Boston).

By - 7/12/16 - 10:26 am
Cocoanut Grove memorial

Even in a new location, people are still leaving memorials at the Cocoanut Grove memorial plaque, as Brad Squirrels shows us.

By - 7/10/16 - 12:01 am

A disgusted citizen files a complaint:

Move the Coconut Grove plaque to where it belongs. The city needs to stop bending over for the rich. 492 people died, why are millionaires allowed to change history and dishonor the dead. THE CITY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES FOR MEETING THIS HAPPEN!

The citizen probably read the Cullen column: Cocoanut Grove plaque shoved down the street.

By - 1/4/16 - 1:09 pm

Starbucks goes before the Zoning Board of Appeals next week for permission to change the shuttered Melting Pot fondue place in the Park Plaza Hotel into a, well, Starbucks.

Park Plaza guests who now want the Starbucks experience have to walk a full two-tenths of a mile to the Starbucks in the Transportation Building. Read more.

By - 11/29/15 - 4:24 pm

New England Folklore lays out the evidence that Jacque's has a ghost or two.

Via Robert David Sullivan, who offers up some other Boston bars that might be more fitting for hauntings.

By - 9/4/15 - 9:32 am

For the Greater Boston Labor Council Labor Day Breakfast at the Park Plaza. So if you have any reason to visit that area, you might want to do it well before Monday morning.

H/t Adam Castiglioni.

By - 8/12/15 - 10:39 am

Michael Schlow told the Boston Licensing Board this morning he's hoping for a September opening for his Doretta Taverna and Raw Bar at 91 Park Plaza - where he closed his Via Matta Italian restaurant this spring after 13 years. Read more.

By - 7/15/15 - 6:36 pm

Boston Police report arresting Edwin Cervantes, 22, of Framingham, on carjacking charges Tuesday evening.

According to police, a woman was trying to park her ML350 around 7:25 p.m. on Church Street:

She was approached by a male suspect, later identified as Edwin Cervantes, 22, of Framingham. The suspect walked up to the driver’s side of the vehicle, opened the door and stated “Hey mommy, get out of the car.” The suspect then grabbed the victim by both of her wrists and pulled her from the vehicle. The suspect jumped into the car and fled the area in an unknown direction. A description was given out and a short time later, officers assigned to District D-4 (South End) observed the vehicle driving on Melnea Cass Boulevard. Officers stopped the vehicle and arrested the suspect after he was positively identified by the victim.

Cervantes was charged with carjacking, receiving stolen property and driving without a license.

Innocent, etc.

By - 7/13/15 - 8:22 pm

Toronto made the news last week when residents swiftly put together a memorial to a raccoon that died and then just sat there for hours as the city ignored repeated requests to pick it up.

At 10:20 this morning, a concerned citizen reported a "big dead raccoon" at Fayette Street and Marginal Road in Bay Village. The city reported the raccoon picked up at 1:15 p.m.

By - 4/14/15 - 11:48 am

The attorney for Jacque's Cabaret in Bay Village apologized to the Boston Licensing Board for not seeking to change a provision on its liquor license that it have food available before a March inspection found no kitchen and no food available on the premises, save a vending machine selling snacks and candy .

Sgt. Det. Robert Mulvey told the Boston Licensing Board this morning he issued a citation after his routine inspection at 11:25 p.m. on March 2.

By - 4/12/15 - 11:53 am

Jacques Cabaret, 79 Broadway in Bay Village, goes before the Boston Licensing Board on Wednesday for permission to stop serving food - the day after it has to answer charges of not using the food-serving license it has.

The cabaret currently has a liquor license that requires it to make food available to patrons. On Tuesday, Jacques has to explain to the board why BPD detectives caught it on March 2 not offering food to customers, indeed, not having a kitchen or food-preparation area at all.

By - 1/30/15 - 8:21 am

Oh, ouch: A peeved Dorchester citizen complains about conditions on Woodcliff Street:

Please plow my street when Thomas Menino was alive we would have never experienced nothing like this I am so disappointed and I voted for you!! There are seniors in all the houses and nobody cares.

Meanwhile, a Bay Village citizen turns to the classics to express concern about a crossing that is not only unplowed but has snow piled higher than most people's heads:

By - 1/23/15 - 5:27 am

In think teach transform Molly Richard writes:

"The debate around Boston hosting the Olympics has many asking, “What makes a world-class city?”

By - 8/29/14 - 10:04 am
Mystery item at old Cocoanut Grove site

Phil spent some time the other day sidewalk supervising construction of Piedmont Park Square, which is rising above the site of the Cocoanut Grove disaster. Among the things he spotted was this wire-connector thing mounted on a basement wall.

Copyright Phil. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 8/26/14 - 3:49 pm

Roxbury, MA – It is election season for Massachusetts residents! There are so many important issues that need to be addressed. Whether it be violence in the community, education, the economy, or green energy, everyone needs to be heard. For the first time, the Young Professionals Network of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts (YPNULEM) is hosting a series entitled “Candid Conversations”. During this series, the community has the opportunity to speak to candidates directly and learn how each candidate stands on issues that matter the most to them. All are welcome to attend.

By - 6/18/14 - 9:35 pm
Firefighters on Melrose Street in Bay Village

Firefighters on Melrose Street. Photo by Jay Porter.

Firefighters are on Melrose Street, where a building under construction suffered a partial collapse tonight - a wall gave way.

Jay Porter reports that what appeared at first to be an explosion might have been a burst of dust coming from a collapsing fireplace.

In March:
Floors collapse in Chinatown building under construction; one worker trapped

By - 4/12/14 - 1:27 pm

A content citizen offers praise:

On Friday, April 10, a city worker swept and cleaned the streets of Bay Village. He did a beautiful job and I can see the difference he made. I just thought you should know. He was over 6 ft tall, dark skin, husky build with an easy smile. I hope this message will reach his supervisor. Funny, a neighbor just stopped and mentioned the same thing- the streets were "immaculate" he said.

By - 3/15/14 - 9:02 am

A concerned citizen complains about a set of traffic lights on Marginal Street:

The crosswalk sign goes from 42 seconds down to 31 and then 0; a few seconds later the car light turns green!!! This is new. Quite similar to the crosswalk by park plaza Arlington st and Stuart st that would go from 16s to 0s, but at least that one truly had 16 s left.