By - 10/4/06 - 8:06 pm

From nosy cat lovers to nosy dog-loving freaks, something seems to be getting into the local pet chow.

By - 7/5/06 - 10:52 am

Rhea Becker marvels at Ozzie, the dog who walks himself to the park and then back every day.

One question, though: Does Ozzie also pick up after himself?

By - 2/17/06 - 11:24 pm

Pet Cabaret, Roslindale's only organic pet-supply store, has a blog:

So what is it with dogs and their toenails? We trim doggie and kitty nails here at The Pet Cabaret and let me tell you, it is often quite and experience. Ten pound dogs and cats turn into little Tasmanian Devils sparking around, making ALL kinds of crazy noises. Toenail trimmers take their lives

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