By - 9/12/11 - 2:58 pm

Warning signs

Complaining to the Mayor's Hotline gets results. Roving UHub photographer Sean Connor forwarded this photo today of the excessively hot manhole covers on Harrison Avenue, a day after somebody complained one had burned his or her pet's paws....Read more

By - 9/11/11 - 11:13 am

A concerned citizen with a newly wounded pet reports on a manhole cover on the sidewalk on Harrison just outbound from E. Brookline:

Water and steam boiling out and cover is HOT. Burned dogs paws.

Read more
By - 8/11/11 - 11:06 am

Rhea Becker was on scene for the yappy hour at the Liberty Hotel yesterday. She reports their owners snapped up hors d'oeuvres and sipped cocktails.Read more

By - 8/9/11 - 10:53 pm

The Massachusetts Appeals Court today upheld the animal-cruelty law used to send Luigi Epifania of East Boston away for 2 1/2 years.

Epifania had appealed his sentence for his 2007 flaming-cat tossing by arguing the cat didn't belong to anybody in particular and so was not covered by the state law, which only covers animals owned by "another person."

In its ruling, however, the court...Read more

By - 7/24/11 - 9:14 am

The MSPCA reports it's rescued 26 Cairn Terriers from a South Shore hoarder.

The dogs were "filthy, scared and in need of veterinary care," but are expected to recover - half of them are at Angell Memorial Hospital - and be put up for adoption.

The MSPCA did not name the hoarder or town....Read more

By - 7/12/11 - 1:44 pm

The Zoning Board of Appeals today denied a Roslindale resident's request to keep hens in her Firth Road backyard because city zoning codes expressly forbid poultry in Roslindale and Jamaica Plain - but nowhere else in the city.

City Councilor Rob Consalvo (Hyde Park, Roslindale), vowed to work with Audra Karp to change the regulations that now prohibit chickens in the two neighborhoods - they...Read more

By - 7/7/11 - 5:59 pm

An Animal Rescue League technician tweets:

A strange scaly creature is found in the bushes of a Dorchester home..., hmmm, I wonder what it is...?

The 'strange' animal in Dorchester MA turns out to be an iguana that is claimed by an owner that was searching for him...

No word, yet, however, if this iguana, found on Bullard Street, is the same one...Read more

By - 6/6/11 - 10:58 am

Channel 4 reports somebody's stolen the little wheeled device a disabled dog uses to get around because his hind legs no longer work.Read more

By - 6/5/11 - 6:08 pm


Really, what other line would they ride? This guy and his parrot are apparently Red Line regulars. He came down to the inbound side of Harvard this afternoon with Polly on his shoulder, then sat as the bird moved to the handle of his shopping cart. He asked a busker...Read more

By - 6/4/11 - 9:34 pm

Missing iguana

He escaped early this afternoon from 20 Lawn St. So when you see an iguana, don't just freak out, call 857-288-8024:

He is dearly loved and would like to return home.

...Read more
By - 5/24/11 - 8:47 pm

Jamaica Plain Patch reports on the dognapping.Read more

By - 5/23/11 - 3:08 pm

The parents of a girl bitten by a brown Chihuahua in Cambridgeport last week are hoping the owner will come forward and let them know if she has to complete her painful rabies injections, Wicked Local Cambridge reports.Read more

By - 4/29/11 - 10:19 am

HarleyUPDATE: Harley was found, safe and sound.

Marlo Fogelman reports that she and her boyfriend put his two dogs in a South End kennel as they got ready to visit his dying father. But one of the dogs escaped:

She ran home to the Back Bay from the South End

...Read more
By - 4/5/11 - 4:30 pm

The Globe reports that even if Penelope the snake's owner had the $650 the T wants for cleaning up after the snake, she wouldn't pay it because T workers disrespected her after she reported Penelope missing.Read more

By - 3/22/11 - 11:01 am

Channel 4 reports a woman burned out of her River Street home last month recently returned to the property to look for belongings - and promptly heard scratching noises being made by her pet, Lola the long-haired dachshund. Lola had somehow survived not only the two-alarm fire but being locked inside the remains of the building for a month....Read more

By - 2/28/11 - 4:13 pm

The MSPCA reports on a truckload of puppies and adult dogs that bypassed legally required checks and quarantines to wind up crammed into cages in a Norfolk County home being used as a pet adoption center:

Of the infected dogs, four of the puppies were severely ill. The puppies would not react to stimuli and would collapse when they tried to stand, some unable

...Read more
By - 2/7/11 - 3:54 pm

Channel 5 has several photos of a kitten at the top of a utility pole on Munroe Street, where it had climbed to escape a dog. The Animal Rescue League sent somebody there today to try to get the cat down....Read more

By - 1/7/11 - 12:45 pm

UPDATE: Snake found, alive and well.

This just in from Craigslist:

penelope- lost snake (T-between park and andrew)

she is a very mellow snake- never hisses or bites and is very timid. she is a bit under 3 feet long with a brownish, almost pinkish paisley looking pattern on her back. she is 3 years old and ive had her since she was

...Read more
By - 1/4/11 - 10:42 pm

The Boston Fire Department reports a pet owner's stroll along the Charles River in Brighton almost ended in tragedy when the ice his black Labrador was walking on broke away from shore and floated out into the river around 8 p.m.

Firefighters from Engine 29, Ladder 11 and Rescue 1 responded to a 911 call from near Community Rowing. A firefighter from Ladder 11...Read more

By - 11/19/10 - 10:14 pm

Somebody's started posting photos of canine-Americans on public transit.

Via.Read more