Copley Square

By - 8/30/09 - 2:04 pm

Local 718 tweets the gas leaked out of a chiller in the hotel basement and spread through the hotel's air-conditioning system, shortly before 2 p.m.

Freon is non-toxic, but can cause problems if breathed in in large quantities.

Ed. note: Local 718's feed makes three Twitter feeds related to Boston fire happenings - there's also the official department feed and the feed run by a Boston firefighter.

By - 8/14/09 - 12:25 pm

The Boston Public Library has posted photos of its collection of old Boston matchbook covers, including this one from the landmark hotel. What other things did the hotel used to offer guests?

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By - 6/22/09 - 8:43 am

Scooterdude, the guy you see sailing around Copley Square with his plastic sail, was out yesterday enjoying a ride (yes, in the rain), when a family got out of a car and walked to the center of the park with a flag and then stood there:

... I approached them and asked about the flag and their purpose.

They explained that it was the flag of Iran and that they were there to continue a witness to the ordeal the Iranian people are currently suffering in their homeland.

I couldn't help but admire their solitary witness, their commitment and resolution that, despite this dismal day of wind and wetness, they came out to stand for their people and for the democratic principles that all of us share. ...

By - 6/5/09 - 7:47 pm

A curious onlooker e-mailed around 4:45 p.m.:

Some VIP was just visiting the Citizen's Bank on Boylston Street at Dartmouth. With a police escort of several cars and motorcycles, and wired Secret Service guys in a couple of Chevy Tahoes. A big crowd was watching for at least 20 minutes, and no one had any idea who it was, although rumors of everyone from Ben Affleck to General Petraeus were flying. Customers were going in and out of the bank and even they couldn't tell what was going on.

By - 6/1/09 - 9:18 am

As the new Arlington station opens on its first weekday, the Green Line is all bollixed up due to some sort of signal problem at Copley AND a broken train at Government Center. The riders are restless; something about spending 20 or 25 minutes sitting in a tunnel will do that to you - especially if it all adds up to a 50-minute ride from Kenmore to Copley - or a 40 minute ride between St. Mary's and Kenmore with "no air conditioning, no seat, no explanation." The lucky ones brought reading material.

By - 5/15/09 - 10:49 pm

Iceburns captures the lions inside the old wing of the BPL main branch in Copley Square.

Copyright Iceburns.

By - 5/14/09 - 10:08 am

The outbound Green Line experienced delays this morning past Copley thanks to a guy who managed to sit on the knife he was carrying in his pocket, the Globe reports.

By - 5/14/09 - 10:02 am

ED NOTE: Rescheduled to Friday due to strong winds today.

Devra First reports that Jack and the Bean Bowl, a vegetarian food cart selling bean-and-rice bowls by the farmers' market site is giving away all its food starting around noon Friday, to introduce its food.

Meanwhile, Penny Cherubino reports on progress at the new Thursday farmer's market at the Prudential Center:

The new farmers' market at the Prudential Center will make Thursdays in the Back Bay like market days in Provence, if David Gilson's dream is realized.

By - 4/29/09 - 4:27 pm

Yes, unbelievably, the fence around the park is gone. How many months was it there?

By - 4/10/09 - 8:46 am

Channel 4 reports on a 12:30 a.m. holdup in a guest's room at the Westin in Copley Square.

By - 3/19/09 - 10:07 am

Scooterdude (the guy you see sailing around Copley Square on the wind-powered scooter) reports yesterday was a great day for sailing - aside from the two spills caused by a collapsing sail:

... The gusts were sustained but also in the correct direction. For long rides and skillful maneuvers there’s nothing that can beat a strong westerly flow from the Tower, across the front of the church and then down Boylston St. ...

By - 1/15/09 - 7:44 pm

Last night amidst the Israel/Gaza protests in Copley Square were swarms of twentysomethngs clad in matching jackets hauling the ubiquitous messenger bags and binders, waving in the faces of passers-by and walking alongside them in vain attempts to snag some attention and cash. For what, I am not sure, which proves my dedication to ignoring people who try to befriend me on the street.

By - 1/15/09 - 8:54 am

NECN informs us of this fact:

... In the morning hours around Copley Square, only those who needed to be out and about actually were doing so. Runners who typically start their morning with an wakeup jog chose otherwise. There was very little hustle or bustle. ...

And, yes, of course they interviewed a couple of utility guys glad to be able to warm up by going down a manhole.

Ed. Note: Last night, Boston School Superintendent Carol Johnson robo-called us to remind us to bundle the kidlet up this morning. I wonder how much that call cost.

By - 1/15/09 - 7:54 am

Be posts some video of a pro-Israel rally in Copley Square last night.

By - 12/29/08 - 11:40 am

Scooterdude, the guy you see floating around Copley Square on a scooter powered by wind filling his plastic-bag sail, reports on conditions during a ride yesterday evening:

... The physical pressure of the strong winds combined with the visual of red lights flashing and the audio of the horns [from passing firetrucks] made for the perfect effect that everything had been choreographed and timed. I wasn't prepared for all of it at once nor could I seize the chance at what might have been the greatest 'surf' yet!

I was only able to grab hold of the wind-scooter and hold on tight so we both wouldn't be toppled over and capsize.

By - 12/15/08 - 4:15 pm

Although the afternoon performance is still canceled, the evening performance at the Church with the Giant Crack will go on, but with a piano, not the organ, FirstNight tweets.

By - 12/12/08 - 6:45 pm

Since the organ can't be used thanks to the crack caused by an MBTA elevator contractor (yes, that crack). Via FirstNight tweet.

By - 12/9/08 - 5:28 pm

Boston Police report that people walking through Copley Square last evening objected to Adan Ibrahim's technique, which they say consisted of going up to them and demanding, "Give me a dollar or I'll punch you in the face."

He was charged with being a disorderly person.

Innocent, etc.

By - 12/4/08 - 10:08 pm

Alecia Batson reports on a crack that starts at the foundation, goes at least 30 feet up and is large enough at some points to put your hand in. And it's on the Dartmouth Street side, right where the MBTA is doing its never-ending Copley work, which is why she's written an open letter to the T (speaking for herself, not the church) asking what it's going to do about it:

... The organ should not be played, now, as it could prompt large portions of the plaster to fall. This directly affects the Boston Secession concert that will take place there tomorrow evening, Friday, 5 December 2008, as the concert makes use of the organ. Will my friends' concert take place? We do not yet know. Tomorrow, structural engineers will determine if the sanctuary is even safe for habitation. Will church services take place this coming Sunday? Only time will tell. ...