Copley Square

By - 4/19/06 - 8:08 pm

Mike Mennonno spends some time gazing upon the statutes of Art and Science outside the McKim side of the BPL (you know, the two seated bronze women) and concludes that the statue of Art is clearly jealous of Science, in part because she's staring at Science's ball, while Science could give a flying fig about what Art is up to:

By - 4/18/06 - 7:27 pm

Jen Stewart reports that yesterday, somebody was handing out free cowbells in Copley Square.

Copley Square swag report.

By - 3/24/06 - 1:57 pm

Mr. Cynic, a.k.a. John Keith, explains why the square just doesn't quite click - and it's not just because of all the skater doods.

By - 3/15/06 - 9:31 am

Karl posts photos and offers commentary on the photos, including this question about the new Old South Church on Boylston Street:

Wouldn't it be great if they moved it north and called it the New Old South North Church?

By - 3/15/06 - 9:20 am

Mabfan reports that the hawkers are getting really pathetic, like today's lone woman handing out free copies of the Globe wrapped in a Starbucks insulating sleeve (because the Globe news is hot, natch):

... If Starbucks really wanted to brighten up my cold morning, they wouldn't send a lonely woman out to the corner to pass out newspapers and the promise of free coffee. They would send out a cart at every corner, and give away free cups of coffee directly. ...

By - 3/6/06 - 5:20 pm

Michael notes that the corner of Boylston and Dartmouth has become popular among companies wishing to hawk stuff. He wishes it known that he does not want to be offered free Diet Coke at 7 a.m. or accosted by a guy with a giant nose, especially not one handing out fact sheets reading:

The average adult produces one quart of mucus in their sinuses daily.