By - 4/23/15 - 9:31 am

Sara DiBari asks:

Where can I get good barbecue in MA? Like taking someone from the South good. Doesn't have to be near Boston.

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By - 9/11/14 - 10:45 am

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the impending demise of Smoken' Joe's on Washington Street in Brighton Center.Read more

By - 4/25/14 - 7:37 pm

James Shotwell asks:

Trying to determine the best BBQ joint in the Boston area. Can you help?

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By - 4/3/14 - 9:50 am

Limeduck gives a thumbs up to the pulled pork sandwich and baked beans he got the other day at Lillian's Smokin Rack at City Hall.Read more

By - 12/10/11 - 11:59 pm

Pig place

Centre Street's culinary diversity expanded again Friday night when Red-Eyed Pig opened for business where Fresh Catch to Go used to be, just off of Belgrade.

They have some burger and chicken things on the menu, but, of course, you're going to go there for the pig...Read more

By - 9/4/11 - 10:54 am

Jacqueline Church samples the offerings at BBQsmith, a food truck that can now often be found parked by the Chinatown gate.

I chose the smoked beef sandwich. Doc had smoked pork. Both sandwiches were fantastic.

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By - 7/22/07 - 10:59 pm

Michael Pahre gives a thumb's up to Smoken' Joe's despite the way the name is spelled. It takes the place of Seoul Food in Brighton Center.Read more

By - 3/19/06 - 11:17 am

Buffalo Bo's is a take-out barbecue place on Washington Street, just south of Albano Street. Will report back; Roslindale just hasn't been the same since Tex's stopped doing take-out a few years ago.Read more