Newbury Street

By - 8/22/06 - 9:12 am

Chika begins to wonder if that psychic lady on Newbury Street might actually know things.Read more

By - 6/26/06 - 10:57 pm

Boston Chomps on Petit Robert Bistro downtown: We'll definitely be back.

Lyss on Zocalo in Brighton: What a pleasant first experience at a restaurant.

Lewis Forman on Kashmir on Newbury Street: I have never seen a grumpier group of servers ever. Except at McDonalds.

Yoav Shapira on Om in Cambridge: The bar drinks were amazing....Read more

By - 6/16/06 - 11:45 am

Guns, shmuns. Obviously, the most important crisis facing Boston today is sandwich boards on Newbury Street! So Lewis Forman looks forward to more Newbury Street action:

... Maybe the city will offer a "Chalk Buy Back Program" for the shop owners. ...

The Girl in Camouflage, however, says that if the sign fascists think Newbury is too cluttered, they should forget about sandwich boards...Read more

By - 6/15/06 - 8:58 am

Mike Mennonno would pay to watch a no-holds-barred rumble between the sidewalk-sign fascists and people who think maybe the city has more important things to worry about than sandwich boards on Newbury Street.

Charles Swift, meanwhile, digs deep into his archives to discover that Boston has had ordinances against blocking the sidewalk since at least 1833....Read more

By - 5/22/06 - 9:04 am

Andrew Watson photographs a blast from the past: A Digital Equipment Corp. sign uncovered during some renovation at 250 Newbury Street:

... It looks as though this location was a DEC office, back in the day. ...

Ah, yes, back in the day! Back when DEC's logo was still blue, and it was still around, and had offices and factories all over eastern Massachusetts,...Read more

By - 5/6/06 - 3:46 pm

Art Bar Boston takes in the displays at DTR Modern Galleries and Kidder Smith Gallery on Newbury Street:

... DTR Modern Galleries' "Revisiting the Flash of the 80's" was an enjoyable and impressive collection of Pop Art. ...

Read more
By - 3/21/05 - 3:06 pm

Michael gives a thumb's down to Daisy Buchanan's on Newbury Street:

... The amateur waitresses, who wear as little as they can, are slow and inattentive. On a weekend night, Daisy's is staffed by no fewer than 4 bouncers, 2 bartenders, and 4 waitresses, none of which care enough to restock the bathroom’s toilet paper supply. Daisy's is cash only, and won't let you

...Read more