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By - 5/20/11 - 10:11 pm

A federal appeals court today overturned a verdict that would have awarded skycaps at American the $2-per-bag fee American started charging for curbside service in 2005.

A jury agreed with skycaps that their tips fell precipitously because passengers thought the fee was a mandatory "tip" and that they didn't have to give skycaps anything extra. American noted the airline put up signs that the fee was a fee, not a gratuity. The court agreed:

By - 5/5/11 - 4:44 pm

The Boston Licensing Board today put the Airport Hilton on notice: Give the local constabulary any guff and the result could be a license suspension.

At issue was a surprise license inspection by two BPD detectives on March 23. The detectives told the board at a hearing Tuesday that the hotel restaurant manager at first refused to let them because they had not made an appointment. He then called the hotel security director, who told the detectives they could carry out their inspection but that in the future, they should make an appointment.

"We don't make appointments," Det. Kevin McGill said.

By - 4/6/11 - 3:34 pm

Seized guns. Photo by Massachusetts State PoliceSeized guns. Photo by Massachusetts State Police.

A New Hampshire man was arrested on charges of illegal weapons possession after TSA X-ray screeners at Logan Airport noticed two antique guns in a carry-on bag, according to Massachusetts State Police.

Brent Cameron, 44, of New London, NH, was released on personal recognizance at his arraignment in East Boston District Court, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to State Police:

By - 3/28/11 - 10:12 am

The Herald reports an East Boston woman was arrested at Logan for allegedly transporting two pounds or so of a white powdery substance in "a diaper-like garment" she was wearing under her clothes.

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The Animal Rescue League reports Environmental Police and league staffers kept busy today in what turned out to be a futile search for a brown furry thing, possibly a river otter, "running around Logan."

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Scott Eisen was there with a camera.

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Jets blue

Paul Buckley reports he is not the only person at the JetBlue gate at Logan this morning who doesn't want to get on that plane.

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The Herald reports Jeffrey Redfern and Anant Pradhan claim the procedures violate their Fourth Amendment rights and that the TSA has other, less intrusive ways to try to sniff out explosives and weapons.

The two say they filed their suit, in US District Court in Boston, after undergoing the new "enhanced" patdowns at Logan last month.

Complete complaint.

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UPDATE: Logan says the package, initially picked out by bomb-sniffing dogs, proved harmless. The cargo building has been re-opened. Passenger service was never affected.

Massport, State Police and Boston Fire crews are currently investigating a suspicious package found in a cargo building off Harborside Drive near the Hyatt Harborside Hotel. Harborside Drive has been shut down to let emergency crews stage there.

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TaraskiewiczAs she does every September 13 and 14, Marlene Taraskiewicz will stand vigil at Logan Airport seeking information about her daughter Susan's murder after she left work as a Northwest baggage handler on Sept. 13, 1992.

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UPDATE: Around 9:30, State Police used a remote-control device to blow open the trunk lid. The trunk was stuffed with crap - clothes, a blanket and pillow, gym weights, a computer monitor, a skateboard, tons of papers, oh, and a two-sided ax, as if the car had been rented by somebody from Hoarders. A trooper in protective gear started pulling the crap out, apparently didn't find anything of interest. A few minutes later, authorities let residents along Maverick Street return to their homes.

By - 7/20/10 - 9:28 am

Enterprise Rent-a-Car of Boston will pay a $475,000 fine for violating state clean-air laws at Logan and Bradley Airport in Hartford.

The fine is part of a consent decree filed in US District Court in Boston yesterday by the company and the US Attorney's office in Boston.

According to the federal complaint in the case, an inspector from the federal Environmental Protection Agency noticed a shuttle bus operated by Vanguard Car Rental - later acquired by Enterprise - idling for more than the five minutes allowed under Massachusetts law on several occasions in 2006.

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Rob Sama explains why he refused to go through the full-body scanner at Terminal E (with one NSFW image; although not of him).

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A Winthrop man who works for the TSA is charged with statutory rape, enticement of a child and other offenses for what he allegedly did to a 14-year-old girl over the recent school break.

Sean Shanahan, 45, will be arrraigned in East Boston District Court this morning, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, which accuses him of sexually assaulting the girl at his house and repeatedly sexting her.

Innocent, etc.