Logan Airport

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TaraskiewiczAs she does every September 13 and 14, Marlene Taraskiewicz will stand vigil at Logan Airport seeking information about her daughter Susan's murder after she left work as a Northwest baggage handler on Sept. 13, 1992.

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UPDATE: Around 9:30, State Police used a remote-control device to blow open the trunk lid. The trunk was stuffed with crap - clothes, a blanket and pillow, gym weights, a computer monitor, a skateboard, tons of papers, oh, and a two-sided ax, as if the car had been rented by somebody from Hoarders. A trooper in protective gear started pulling the crap out, apparently didn't find anything of interest. A few minutes later, authorities let residents along Maverick Street return to their homes.

By - 7/20/10 - 9:28 am

Enterprise Rent-a-Car of Boston will pay a $475,000 fine for violating state clean-air laws at Logan and Bradley Airport in Hartford.

The fine is part of a consent decree filed in US District Court in Boston yesterday by the company and the US Attorney's office in Boston.

According to the federal complaint in the case, an inspector from the federal Environmental Protection Agency noticed a shuttle bus operated by Vanguard Car Rental - later acquired by Enterprise - idling for more than the five minutes allowed under Massachusetts law on several occasions in 2006.

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Rob Sama explains why he refused to go through the full-body scanner at Terminal E (with one NSFW image; although not of him).

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A Winthrop man who works for the TSA is charged with statutory rape, enticement of a child and other offenses for what he allegedly did to a 14-year-old girl over the recent school break.

Sean Shanahan, 45, will be arrraigned in East Boston District Court this morning, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, which accuses him of sexually assaulting the girl at his house and repeatedly sexting her.

Innocent, etc.

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For the second time in three weeks, plunging power lines brought the Blue Line to a halt in East Boston and left riders on one train stranded until Boston firefighters could lead them to safety.

A train near Airport station came to a grinding halt when the overhead power lines fell around 5:30 p.m. Shuttle buses are now running, according to the MBTA.

On Jan. 21, a similar incident stranded riders near Orient Heights and disrupted Blue Line service for much of the day.

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Channel 5 posts video of an Airbus A380 landing at Logan today.

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Channel 4 sics the I-Team on the restaurants at Logan, says they found lots of violations, but no proof anybody's actually gotten sick - not that that stopped them from teasing the story that you would.

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The Globe reports on a 200-pound shipment of cocaine seized at Logan Airport on Wednesday - with a street value of around $13 million.

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Massport has announced today that they are offering free Wifi for the next two years! Since Thanksgiving, WiFi access has been free at Logan and other airports around the country due to a sponsorship deal with Google to provide the access for free that only required you to click past a splash page announcing Google's sponsorship.

The two months showed a sixfold increase in usage at Logan according to Massport and they wanted to follow up on that by continuing the program with other sponsorship.

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De-icing fluid getting into airplane air-conditioning systems not the only problem at Logan, the Herald reports.

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Channel 5 reports on the 10:30 a.m. incident involving a Delta plane. The Boston Fire Department sent a truck to Runway 33L, but it quickly left the scene. Boston Police tweet "an unknown fluid" in the plane's ventilation system caused fumes in the plane.

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I ask because the MBTA is reporting a dead train at Airport.

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Robert Buderi tweets around 9:50 a.m. from his plane to Dallas/Ft. Worth:

wow. Our flight AA 1133 just rtrnd to logan after takeoff. Made emergency landing. Something went very wrong. Emerg vehicles here.

Channel 4 tweets Logan says the plane had a rudder problem and so turned back.

By - 11/23/09 - 6:35 pm

OK, savvy travelers know there's free wireless at Logan for the holidays.

Ben Ostrander reports, though, that when you connect to loganwifi, you're given a choice: Free wireless or the traditional $10 wireless.

Anybody know if the paid WiFi is better somehow (better throughput?)? Or is it just for the sort of person you'd expect to see on a Chance card in Monopoly, using a $10 bill to light a cigar?

By - 11/17/09 - 8:28 am

John Murray of Glasgow is scheduled for arraignment in East Boston District Court this morning on charges of "interfering with the flight crew" on a flight from Philadelphia to London overnight. The Suffolk County District Attorney's office says he refused to stop blocking the aisle on the US Airways flight and became belligerent and disruptive enough to force the flight crew to land the plane at Logan to get him off.

Innocent, etc.

By - 11/10/09 - 7:48 am

Looky here - Google is sponsoring free wireless at Logan and a bunch of other airports now through Jan. 15.

Via Steve Garfield, who has been banging the free-WiFi-at-Logan drum for longer than anybody.