West Roxbury

By - 9/17/13 - 10:27 pm

At 9:46 p.m., Vahalia tweeted:

Did anyone else see the bright flash in the sky over the Seaport area?

And the local Twitterati responded:

Karl Stier:

I saw the light from West Roxbury, east towards the city, very bright and at a downward 25 degree angle.

Jeff Megargell:

I saw it too, more like a 85 degree angle for me and it

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By - 9/11/13 - 10:09 pm

Video from a July 3 robbery at VFW Parkway and Spring Street.

Boston Police report they are looking for a man who has been alternating between a knife and a gun as he holds up Dunkin' Donuts outlets along the Dedham line, most recently last night at the outlet at VFW Parkway and Spring Street.

Police say the bandit also robbed that store...Read more

By - 9/10/13 - 9:28 pm

Mike Moura reports the Dunkin' Donuts at VFW Parkway and Spring Street was held up shortly after 9 p.m. by a man in a mask who ran across the bridge into Dedham.

The Dunkin' Donuts on Washington Street near the Dedham line was held up at knifepoint last week....Read more

By - 9/5/13 - 4:13 pm

Boston Police report they are investigating five housebreaks in the three neighborhoods over the past couple of days - four of them in which they have evidence the burglar or burglars entered via a window.

The news comes just a few days after police warned a trio of kids were going around the South Street area in Jamaica Plain, grabbing whatever they could...Read more

By - 9/4/13 - 4:35 pm

Boston Police report the Dunkin' Donuts at 5305 Washington St., near the Dedham line, was held up shortly before 9 p.m. on Tuesday by a man with a knife:

The store clerk stated to officers the suspect jumped over the counter and brandished a knife at the clerk and demanded cash. The suspect took an undetermined amount of cash and fled from the

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By - 9/4/13 - 3:29 pm

Steven Palladino, already under indictment with his wife for an alleged Ponzi scheme they ran from atop their West Roxbury ice-cream shop, was arraigned today on a charge of usury for allegedly trying to force a local businesswoman to repay a loan at 40% interest - twice the maximum allowed under state law.

According to the DA's office, today's charge relates to a loan...Read more

By - 9/1/13 - 9:51 am

Flooding in West Roxbury

So those flash-flood warnings around 9:30 a.m. were for real. Sean Woods photographed a woman trapped by floodwaters on Spring Street by the Shaw's parking lot. Boston firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue her.

State Police shut 128 at Rte....Read more

By - 8/30/13 - 12:29 pm

A sleepless citizen in West Roxbury complains about the new Pet Luxe on VFW Parkway:

For the past two days at the pet luxe the dogs a been barking and having serious fights. I live in the condos next door and have bee hearing this since about 730 am yesterday and into today. The staff screams and blows whistles to calm the dogs but

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By - 8/26/13 - 10:22 pm

Behind 33 Hastings St.; did an estimated $150,000 in damage, the Boston Fire Department reports. The fire was declared out around 10:50 p.m.; arson investigators were summoned.

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By - 8/16/13 - 10:08 pm

As promised, Patch began to lay off 40% of its staff today. Gone locally, that we know of: Sara Jacobi, editor of the South End and Fenway/Kenmore Patch sites, Becca Manning, at the Charlestown and North End sites, Jake O'Donnell at Back Bay and Beacon Hill and Chris Caesar at Malden.

O'Donnell reports that he and Jacobi, at least, were told their...Read more

By - 8/14/13 - 6:18 pm

Boston Police report they are investigating an outbreak of car break-ins in the two neighborhoods on Monday and Tuesday.

In total, police say, 12 cars were broken into on Beram and Kittredge streets and Chisholm Road in Roslindale and Willow and Stratford streets and Manthorne Road in West Roxbury. Three of the break-ins were on Willow, police say.

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By - 8/13/13 - 1:01 am

At a candidates' forum sponsored by two West Roxbury community groups last night, 10 of the people who would be mayor all called for greater attention to schools and public safety. Some also pondered what to do about the way the middle class is being squeezed out of Boston, potentially leaving us a city occupied only by the very rich and the very poor.

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By - 8/12/13 - 11:20 pm

Ramon SotoAt a candidates' forum in West Roxbury tonight, pretty much all the candidates for mayor and city council named public safety as one of their top priorities.

Ramon Soto, running for an at-large seat on the City Council, had a rather immediate reason to do so: He was...Read more

By - 8/10/13 - 10:02 pm

Around 8:40 p.m. at the Dunkin' Donuts at 5305 Washington St., the one next to the Hess station near the Dedham line.Read more

By - 8/9/13 - 12:01 pm

City Councilor Matt O'Malley says he's put together a community meeting on Tuesday evening to discuss the Aug. 2 incident at 127 Weld St..

West Roxbury Patch reports a Dorchester man was arrested allegedly terrorizing occupants of the home with a gun, head butting one of them and forcing another into his Cadillac for a ride around the area.

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By - 8/3/13 - 11:38 pm

Boston Police report a 15-year-old is back in Boston and a Seekonk man under arrest as a pimp after an investigation into human trafficking that began last year.

Police say the girl was from police District E-5, which covers West Roxbury and Roslindale.

Investigators found her working at Cheaters in Providence.

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By - 7/31/13 - 9:54 pm

The Boston Licensing Board next week hears a request from the owners of the former franchise of the former pizza chain at 1727 Centre St. to sell the place - and its liquor license - to James Loftus, owner of the neighboring Porter Cafe. who proposes to re-open it as Parlor Pizza.

Loftus will seek board permission to extend the eatery's closing time from 11...Read more

By - 7/26/13 - 9:45 pm

Rox Diner owner John Fortin is vowing an all nighter tonight to fix the problems that led ISD to shut the Centre Street eatery on Wednesday.

A city inspector ordered the shutdown after finding a variety of potential health issues, some of them that could lead to a risk of "Critical Foodborne Illness," including two cartons of eggs that had been stored in 80-degree temperatures...Read more

By - 7/21/13 - 7:19 pm

Dark skies over South Boston

Darrell Daniel looked up in South Boston near Dorchester this afternoon.

Some soccer players ignored the clouds at Millennium Park in West Roxbury:

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By - 7/15/13 - 5:40 pm

Shortly before 2 p.m., the heat apparently caused tanks of flame-suppressing chemicals at the old Mobil station at 1200 VFW Parkway to explode, showering the entire place in white foam.

Because the substance is considered a hazardous substance, workers at the station, on the inbound side, just past the train crossing, had to await the arrival of a crew trained in hazardous-material removal, rather...Read more