By - 10/18/05 - 12:51 pm

Dan reports he's now advertising on craigslist for somebody willing to lend him a cat for a month.

If somebody agrees, let's hope the cat isn't named Tom.

By - 10/17/05 - 8:07 am
By - 10/10/05 - 5:22 pm

Alyssa is walking in the Public Garden near a young kid with his parents:

"Mommy, that squirrel is naked!" the boy exclaimed.

The squirrel in question was scrawny but average size - and totally bald below his neck. Devoid of all fur. In his birthday suit. ...

By - 9/24/05 - 8:29 am

The Urban Pantheist discusses the tiny beetles that seem to be getting into his cereal and rice these days:

... They look like plain brown-black bugs until they're under the microscope, and some interesting details are visible.

And yes, of course, he provides a microscope image of one.

By - 9/20/05 - 9:45 am

Janet posts a photo of a giant spider web in her yard.

By - 9/20/05 - 9:31 am

Frecklegirl reports:

I walked into my kitchen today to refill my mac and cheese from a pot on the stove and I was greeted by the sight of a wriggling mouse butt squeezing into one of the burners. (cheap gas stove) ...

By - 9/19/05 - 5:33 pm

You'd yell it, too, if you were biking around Jamaica Pond and you suddenly saw one of the Jamaica Pond white squirrels. Fortunately the Urban Pantheist didn't yell it loud enough to scare away the squirrel - letting his companion snap a photo of the wee beastie.

By - 8/24/05 - 4:23 pm

When a couple of pigeons divebombed from across the street into their fifth-story windows this morning, some of the people in Spatch's office taped pieces of paper to the windows to try to warn the birds off:

... I was one of those people, but my Post-It note has a target drawn on it and the words PIGEONS! AIM HERE! WIN A PRIZE! ...

By - 8/23/05 - 3:09 pm

What do you do when a woodpecker keeps pecking the wood of your house?

... I know that they often go after food sources, so I'll be investigating that with the Orkin Man. However, the odd thing is that it appears to be pecking along the cable lines that run along the side of the house. (Maybe the cables are giving off a hum that sounds like bugs are underneath?) ...

By - 8/19/05 - 3:55 pm

Greg and his fiance are waiting for a commuter-rail train at track 3 at Back Bay on Thursday when a train pulls up on track 1 and something explodes with a blinding light and a loud boom:





Not one G-ddamned word! Some nimrods who saw the explosion smiled and laughed at the noise. ...