By - 7/26/07 - 2:34 pm

It's the height of bat season in Roslindale and West Roxbury.

Meanwhile, Angela looks out her (non-Rozzie, non-Westie) window to see how baby squirrels are made (Caution: Not Safe for Oak Trees).

By - 7/19/07 - 10:15 pm

Mike the Mad Biologist thinks so: A program to get geese out of Science Park only got them to move down to the Esplanade, which they now crap up, leading to crappy runoff into the river, feeding what has become an annual bloom of blue-green algae that is itself pretty gross:

By - 7/16/07 - 10:03 am

Jennifer Forman Orth reports from the front lines of the battle against the Japanese knotweed that is choking off native plants in Franklin Park and elsewhere in eastern Massachusetts:

Turns out zookeepers harvest the stuff in the park and feed it to the giraffes, who respond to it like kids at a self-service softserve machine. In fact, zookeepers credit the knotweed with helping save the life of one giraffe who had come down with a wasting disease - it was the only thing he'd eat.

By - 7/13/07 - 11:09 am
Geese Xing

Geese crossing Longwood Avenue at the Riverway this morning.

By - 7/11/07 - 4:31 pm

Jim Sullivan reports his Newton office building is infested every July with cicada-killing wasps:

... The first time a visitor to our building encounters them flying around near our entrance, they're likely to get frightened. You can't blame someone for feeling that way. These things are almost big enough to saddle and most wasps would just as soon sting you as look at you. However, here is the thought process of a Cicada Killer:

He flies up to within ten inches of your chest and looks you over.

By - 6/30/07 - 8:59 am

Sandcastlmatt looks down and sees zillions of jellyfish in Fort Point Channel.

By - 6/26/07 - 10:37 pm

Lyss reports that a troop of raccoons now gorges itself on the cat food one of her neighbors leaves out for cats:

... Children are playing, adults sitting on their porches, and three to four raccoons chowing down on some cat food. ...

By - 6/25/07 - 8:08 pm

Mockingbirds dive bomb pedestrians in Powerderhouse Square:

... i have been attacked twice this week when passing through the walkway area in the center of the rotary (nearest the funeral home) by a crazed bird, and i also witnessed a bird attack a dog over by the bus shelter by broadway. ...

By - 6/12/07 - 4:55 pm

Photo of one on New Haven Street.

Over in Jamaica Plain, Rhea Becker recounts an encounter between a coyote, her and her dog.

By - 6/10/07 - 10:57 am

Suzie learns muggers are not the only things to worry about when leaving a friend's Brighton apartment at 2:30 in the morning. There are also skunks.

By - 6/7/07 - 5:53 pm

Kids playing on the playground of the Kilmer School after school today report seeing a coyote on the other side of the fence that separates the school grounds from Ansonia Road. No sighting of a roadrunner, however.

Coyotes strike fear in West Roxbury; will somebody do something before some yutz pulls out a gun?

By - 5/24/07 - 9:42 pm

To eat the rats a Hartlawn Road resident has been feeding since 2005:

... Meaney also added that the rats in Hanron's home have added tension to the neighborhood, and that Hanron expressed feeling stigmatized and ostracized.

Coyotes strike fear in West Roxbury.

By - 5/23/07 - 2:55 pm

Fearless Carl Stevens of WBZ radio hounds a baby coyote on Baker Street in West Roxbury:

Also see: Coyotes continue to plague West Roxbury neighborhood:

Police were scouring a West Roxbury neighborhood Wednesday morning after 2 coyotes were seen near an elementary school. ...

Will have to ask Junior Reporter Kidlet today - that's her school. There probably hasn't been this much excitement there since the Dead Robotic Goose scare back in aught-five.

Deer in Rozzie Square.
Coyotes in the Arboretum.
Did the coyotes in the Arboretum eat a deer in Stony Brook Reservation?
The coyotes of Newton have tasted blood (pretty much a short saunter from Newton down to Baker Street).

By - 5/12/07 - 10:02 pm

Note:: The photos have been put behind a registration wall. Here is a 2003 photo.

Kerry Lee photographs the increasingly tame beast.

By - 5/8/07 - 10:38 am

Let's just see you try to make this Drumlin Farm bad boy into a pot pie.

By - 5/5/07 - 4:48 pm

Jennifer Forman Orth reports how she got a mail-order nursery to stop shipping ornamental plants to Massachusetts that were banned by the state Department of Agriculture last year as invasive species. Among them: Dwarf burning bush.

By - 5/3/07 - 2:18 pm

Rockbalancer photographs the bottom part of a deer's leg in Stony Brook Reservation (along with other, more pleasant things) - which is where West Roxbury, Hyde Park and Roslindale come together:

There was no sign of the rest of the deer.

Hmm: Deer in Boston? Deer in Boston! Coyote in the Arboretum. You don't think the coyote grew tired of roadrunners tiny little yap dogs and swung south in search of more substantial food, like venison?