By - 4/5/07 - 11:09 pm

Margalit reports:

... The Girl went out the back door to head to her friend's house. She came back a minute later screaming bloody murder and in tears. There was a wild turkey in the yard. It came right at her. She got scared. It got scared. They both ran away. Turkey is now sauntering down the road behind our house. ...

Maybe some of Newton's killer coyotes will take care of it?

By - 3/24/07 - 3:04 pm


Spotted this morning at the edge of the marsh between the West Roxbury Education Complex and the VFW Parkway.

By - 3/11/07 - 11:18 pm

Aoooooooo!Mark O'Neill of Roslindale took this photo of a sign at the Arboretum today warning of coyote spottings in the Arboretum and along the Arborway and urging anybody who sees one (especially if it has an Acme rocket on its back) to call Boston animal control or state environmental police.

Coyote in Mattapan
Coyote in Arlington
Coyotes in Brookline.

By - 2/12/07 - 8:02 pm

Eileen watches as a hawk rips a seagull to shreds in her backyard:

Simultaneously gross and fascinating. I crept as close as I dared and took a picture with my zoom lens. I was afraid that if I got any closer, the hawk would think I was going after his lunchtime snack and try to gouge my eyes out. ...

By - 1/30/07 - 3:09 pm
By - 1/28/07 - 5:30 pm

Teddy Kokoros photographs swans on the Charles this morning in Watertown.

The Urban Pantheist posts photos from a dogwalk along the Muddy River.

By - 1/26/07 - 5:00 pm

Sushiesque reports a security guard at the federal Volpe transportation building ordered her to delete a photo she'd just taken of Mr. Gobbles, the wild turkey that hangs around there.

The photos they don't want you to see (by somebody else).

By - 1/25/07 - 5:29 pm

Of all the branches in all the trees in all of Dorchester, this hawk (red tail?) landed on the branch next to my window, prey in tow, for a lunch break.


It was a fascinating sight for which I am thankful to have witnessed. But if any Dorchester-area hawks read Universal Hub, a small request: I am happy to host you for lunch, just please clear your place. Staring at a red clump of leftover bird ruins my view (I’ll take graffiti any day!)

By - 1/8/07 - 4:30 pm

pinwheeling terns

pinwheeling ternsThis photo doesn't really do justice to the bizarre thing those of us on the Rte. 9 side of our office building saw around 4 p.m. - hundreds of seagulls or terns pinwheeling above the Sudbury Reservoir. Sure, seagulls aren't that uncommon out in Southborough, but not so many, and not so many all flying in circles together. Gah, is it: DEATH FROM ABOVE? I just looked out my window: There aren't as many of them now, but the ones that are there are still flying round and round, just waiting for me to try to get to my car ...

By - 12/19/06 - 9:19 am

Some Everett high-school students learned yesterday what happens when you toss French fries into a busy street when seagulls are around: The seagulls swoop down to eat them, then get run over by a Masshole. Angela posts the grim photo:

... In total, four seagulls were hit, three of them obliterated by the car. The one surviving seagull wouldn't wait for wildlife services to get there. He ran across the street and was hit by another car. ...

By - 12/10/06 - 2:04 pm

There's less chance the dog will be carried off by a coyote. Police report that's what happened early this morning to a terrier running off leash in woods off River Street in Mattapan:

... The coyote and the terrier were not located.

By - 12/5/06 - 1:04 pm

This morning, Karrie watched some guy outside the T stop feeding hundreds of pigeons:

... The Porter Square Pigeon Enthusiast was not only feeding the birds, but allowing them to perch on his fur-trimmed hat while he rocked back and forth. ...

By - 11/29/06 - 10:51 am


Good thing I wasn't carrying any china when I went to take our trash cans out to the curb this morning. Because I really wasn't expecting to see what looked like the world's largest rat staring up at me from one of the barrels - before it slumped over "dead" (and no, I don't carry my camera while taking out the trash - I got it out of the car). Dear possums: This is Boston, New England's largest city - please move to Newton or someplace and stop freaking me out.

By - 11/18/06 - 11:06 am

Marc spots a coyote on Rte. 60:

... The nasty-looking animal just looked at me, then continued to head toward Arlington Center.

I guess this should be a warning to Arlington residents to keep their cats inside, at least for the next few days!

Hmm, wonder if it could be Alyssa's man-eating Alewife coyote.

By - 11/15/06 - 10:38 am

Alyssa Boehm, who knows coyotes from her childhood in Indiana, reports she saw one while driving with husband to the Alewife T stop yesterday:

... Deeps: And now I'm going to drop you off just a few hundred feet from the coyote to walk to the station?

Me: Of course!

Deeps: Can you out run a coyote? ...

By - 11/11/06 - 7:53 pm

wooly bear

Millennium Park was crawling with wooly-bear caterpillars today. Most seemed to be inching their way down the hill - wooly-bear convention down at the Charles? The fuzzywuzzy above? Its head was on the left, as you can see below:

By - 11/2/06 - 8:26 pm

The Urban Pantheist appreciates and photographs Stemonitis axifera in Olmsted Park:

By - 10/26/06 - 7:33 pm

If there's one thing I've learned from the Urban Pantheist's urban-wildlife series, it's that there's an amazing variety of fungi to be found within a short walk of the Muddy River. Today, he discusses pear-shaped puffballs:

... When the fungus is ready to reproduce, clusters of puffballs appear on the top of the dead wood. They have short stems, presumably helping to lift them out of the reach of smaller, lazier insects and slugs, and to give their spores a centimeter boost. ...

By - 10/23/06 - 11:30 am

Martin Lieberman says he's going to avoid the sidewalk in front of the Downtown Crossing CVS from now on; even if that pigeon poop on his shoulder does mean good luck.