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A Little Known Latino History Fact on Sonia Chang-Diaz

Whether Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner likes it or dislikes it,
Latina American, Sonia Chang-Diaz, is running for the Massachusetts State Senate seat of the 2nd Suffolk District. Sonia could be the first ever Latina to be elected office to the State Senate of the 2nd Suffolk District when she faces current “and outgoing” State Massachusetts Senator, Dianne Wilkerson. Polls are looking good so far for Sonia Chang-Diaz who could make history for the Latino Community and Non-Latino Communities of the 2nd Suffolk District of Boston and Chelsea.

So far, Sonia Chang-Diaz has run a positive campaign; and Councilman Chuck Turner may had put his foot in his mouth that could jeopardize State Senator Diane Wilkerson's chance of maintaining her seat up at Beacon Hill representing the 2nd Suffolk District, after the negative comments he (Chuck Turner) had made against Sonia Chang-Diaz; playing the race card when Chuck sees Chang-Diaz winning in the primary and the re-count. Councilman Chuck Turner could be also on his way out the door, the next time he runs for re-election as Boston City Councilor.

Already out the door: Former Boston City Councilor Felix Arroyo. Who’s Next?

Don't be surprised if WTKK conservative talk show host, Michele McPhee or WRKO conservative talk show host Howie Carr, pulls a 'Russ Limbaugh' who infact told conservatives to vote for then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over now presidential nominee, Barack Obama.

State Senator Diane Wilkerson is running against state primary winner Sonia Chang-Diaz as a sticker candidate; “TRYING” to pull a "JOSEPH LIEBERMAN" of Connecticut, when he lost the primary as a Democrat, and retained his seat as a Independent U.S. Senator down in Washington, DC. Will it work for Wilkerson? Councilman Chuck Turner certainly hopes so. Some in the 2nd Suffolk District calls State Senator Wilkerson, “A COPY CAT!”

A little known Latino-American History Fact on Sonia Chang-Diaz via YouTube.

Michele McPhee on the State Senatorial Race with Diane Wilkerson vs. Sonia Chang-Diaz via YouTube.


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