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Sonia Chang-Diaz on Beacon Hill

State Senate candidate Sonia Chang-Diaz came to Beacon Hill this morning, attending Hill House's annual pancake breakfast at the Firehouse on Mt. Vernon Street. Voters were excited to see her there, and it's pretty clear many across the 2nd Suffolk district are following the race.

It's a big community day on Beacon Hill, but weather is interfering with some of the activity. The Beacon Hill Civic Association has cancelled a planned Block Party, but it is still sponsoring a beer garden hosted by Church of the Advent from 2-6. All events are taking place on Mt. Vernon near the Firehouse where Ms. Chang-Diaz was this morning.

Voters go to the polls on Tuesday in the State Senate race. Fittingly enough, the Firehouse where Sonia Chang-Diaz visited this morning is the polling location for two voting precincts on Tuesday (Ward 5, precincts 5 and 11). For full disclosure, this blogger hopes that voters visitng the Firehouse on Tuesday will contribute to a Sonia Chang-Diaz victory, ensuring her return to the neighborhood, albeit in an office further up the hill.

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