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WTKK's Michele McPhee Wants Answers from Mayor Menino!!!

BOSTON, MA: Reports from 96.9FM WTKK that Boston Mayor Tom Menino agrees to sit down and talk with WTTK hostess, Michele McPhee tomorrow night, to get down to the bottom of the federal charges brought against Senator Diane Wilkerson.

If anyone wishes to talk with the mayor or Michele McPhee, for those that live in the 2nd Suffolk District and wants to defend Diane Wilkerson or agree with Michele McPhee, call 617-822-1969. #969 from a Verison Cell Phone.
Meaning callers from the African-American, Hispanic and White communities in the 2nd Suffolk District and elsewhere in the City of Boston.

The Michele McPhee Show 7:00pm to 10:00pm et.

About to be very interesting tomorrow night!!!


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