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1090 WILD-AM Finally Now Has A "MY SPACE" Webpage!!

What took the committed loyal listeners of WILD-AM such a long time to put up a MySpace webpage? Looks like some of them from the communities of "Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan" had enough of Touch FM, with some of the lies told by and protecting the guilty parties of City Councilor Chuck Turner and former State Senator Diane Wilkerson.

So it looks like WILD-AM has now stepped up to the plate. Thank God!!!
Now let's see if somebody will buy the radio station, keep Radio One and make 1090AM what it was and not what's left of it.

If someone does buy it, could we see a "WWE RAW vs. WCW NITRO" black radio station war version of "TOUCH vs. WILD?" Stay Tuned!!!
Check It Out!

And a reminder....

Courtesy: Bay State Banner
Ex-WILD owner: "Hub Not Part of Big Picture!
Howard Manly ~ August 31, 2006

In Radio One’s first public comments about its sale of WILD-FM last week, President and CEO Alfred C. Liggins III said in an investor news release that while Boston was a “wonderful” radio market, “it is not of great strategic importance to us.”




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"guilty parties"? I was unaware that Wilkerson or Turner had had such swift and secret trials!

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