1950s photos of Boston

In the mid to late 1950s, MIT professors Kevin Lynch and Gyorgy Kepes did a five-year study on city planning which involved studying and photographing various parts of the city. The MIT libraries have put up a portion of the Kepes-Lynch Photograph collection on flickr, with more supporting documentation available in the DOME repository.

The photos include some great late-50s images of subways and stations, neon signs, and wrought iron details. The T was worried about fare evasion then too -- some things never change.





Thanks for this information!

The collection is wonderful. This may help with my "Attention to Detail" column and online series.

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Adequate signs?

Eastbound? Westbound?

WTF happened to the T between then and 1984??? When I first came I hated the subway because the directional made no sense, if there were even any signs at all!

Where did all the signs go? What happened to the absolute directional references? No hand lettered signs without arrows, just things that were useful!

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Those photos are pretty neat. Wish the web interface were easier to browse through

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