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Application deadline extended for Keshet's Training Institute for Jewish Educators

Keshet's Training Institute for Jewish Educators
May 31 - June 3, 2009
Pearlstone Retreat Center, MD

Apply online!

Join this national gathering of educators, clergy, youth professionals and community leaders to learn:

  • How to design and facilitate workshops on diversity and GLBT inclusion for faculty, staff, youth, and parents in Jewish educational institutions;
  • How to combat homophobia and other forms of bias in Jewish youth culture;
  • How to encourage and support youth leadership on creating inclusive communities and celebrating diversity;
  • How to identify and seize Jewish teachable moments to reinforce values of respect and inclusion;
  • How to use the Hineini DVD, Curriculum Guide, and other resources to create GLBT-inclusive educational programs.
  • Participants will work with Keshet staff to develop outreach and implementation plans to bring Hineini Education Project trainings and resources to their home communities and institutions. Sessions will address the specific needs of formal educators, youth group staff, and camp professionals. Facilitators include: Rabbi Steve Greenberg, Dr. Andrea Jacobs, Jacob Goodman, Eric Pliner, Naomi Less, and others.

    Sliding Scale Conference Fee $180 - $360 based on applicant’s resources. (Limited travel subsidies are also available for the first 20 applicants.) Space is limited.

    Applications must be submitted by April 6. Online application is available here.

    Contact Andrea at [email protected] or 617.524.9227 to receive an application by mail or email.



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