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Brewery Tour for Justice!

Chances are, although you've always meant to go, you haven't been on the Brewery Tour. This is likely true even if you live in Boston, even if you live in JP a block away from the brewery.

Stop waiting for relatives to come to town! Join SoJust to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the local, but nationally recognized, Samuel Adams ® Brewery. You'll learn about their history... and then drink it. Experience the entire brewing process, from start to finish.

RSVPs required - Saturdays are always a busy tour day so we're asking SoJusters to be there no later than 11am so you can claim a ticket for the 11:30 tour* (could be 12noon or later if they're especially crowded).

Once you have your tour ticket meet us next door atUla Cafe for some coffee and snacks. The tour runs about an hour, and afterwards you're invited to join us for lunch at Bella Luna - newly located in the Brewery complex.

Cost: $4 This includes a $2 suggested donation collected by the brewery (to benefit local charities) and a $2 donation to SoJust to cover group expenses.

*The sampling portion of the tour starts about 30 minutes in and includes 3 7oz glasses of beer in a glass you get to keep. The tour is open to visitors of all ages. Proper ID is required in order to sample beer.

Want to cross-promote your events and campaigns while sampling fine brews? Are you looking for like-minded progressives to hang out with in Boston? Are you new to the area and looking for groups to get involved in? Are you psyched about building strong cross-issue coalitions while learning why the beer was named after the patriot Samuel Adams?

Hey Organizers! If you're involved with a group or project and want to spread the word bring flyers to share - there'll be lots of opportunity to schmooze and network.

At Socializing for Justice (SoJust) events you can hang out with friends, make new ones, find a date, get the scoop on a job, and find out what's going on this weekend - political or social. And the best part is that SoJust members share your vision of building a more just world. No program. No speaker. Just us.

From our FAQs:

"It's not very easy for me to meet new people and I'm not really one for small talk at bars."

We hear you. That's why at SoJust events, in addition to traditional name tags, we have "Ask Me About" and "Looking For" tags. That way you can slap whatever you're into lately up on your shirt and wait for fellow SoJusters to approach you. These seem to do the trick of moving past the basic "what do you do for work? where do you live?" questions to conversations that lead to more substantial connections.

"What actually happens at events?"

You'll always be greeted by friendly folks who can help get you socializing, introduce you to people, and chat with you about questions or wishes. It's likely a few people will be there promoting their campaigns and issues (yes, SoJust welcomes that sort of behavior). At our bigger events, there's always a literature table to toss down flyers, postcards, and other paraphenalia about events around town. Most importantly, we can pretty much guarantee there will be someone there you've never met before. As one of our members said, "You are bringing together people who might never get together otherwise - if that ain't a step towards justice I don't know what is."


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Used to be the same for me, but then I actually went on the tour a couple of times.

Nice enough.

But then I found the Harpoon Brewery tour. Much better tour, cooler location (waterfront), and better brew imo.

That is all.

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