Charlie should take off his hat today to honor the woman who gave him life

Bess Lomax Hawes, who wrote "Charlie on the MTA," has died at age 88, the Globe reports.

More versions:

Guy with accordion sings it (and provides the candidate's real name):

A cat rides the Red Line to it:

Dutch folk band in Germany sings it:

Irishmen sing it:

Southerners sing it:

The Pops get all weird with it:

Old Green Line cars provide a background for it:



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RIP Bess. Listened to the

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RIP Bess. Listened to the Kingston Trio all the time as a kid and that song was one of my family's favorites.

I actually saw the Trio with my parents a few years back. I think I was the only college kid in the audience. I didn't care; it was a great show.

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The mayoral candidate the song was written for

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Andy discusses Walter O'Brien, the candidate of the Progressive Party in 1949:

... Through folk songs and a tired sound-truck he advocated a strong New Deal-style injection of Government jobs, increased tenant's rights, harsher punishment for police mistreatment of labor strikers, and, most famously, the rejection of the fare increase proposed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority. ...

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