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Downtown club owner gets no jail time after admitting to obstructing investigation into shooting outside his club

Shawn Donovan, owner of the Revolution Rock Club on High Street, pleaded guilty last week to charges of urging witnesses to destroy evidence and lying to police investigating a New Year's Day shooting by an acquaintance of his, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Carol Ball gave him a one-year suspended sentence for his admission. Suffolk County prosecutors had sought to put him away for a year. The sentence does mean he can no longer get a license for a gun in the city of Boston, the DA's office said.

Police investigating the early-morning shooting eventually zeroed in on Mario Mendez as the prime suspect in the shooting. In pleading guilty, Donovan admitted lying to police when he told them more than once that he didn't know Mendez - and that Donovan ordered a club photographer to destroy photos he'd taken before the shooting showing him and Mendez, including one of them arm in arm, the DA's office says.

Mendez currently awaits trial on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and multiple drug offenses for the steroids, Ecstasy tablets, cocaine and OxyContain police say they found in his Chelsea home.

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