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Maureen Feeney: Professional Pooh bear

Mike Ball, who actually attended yesterday's City Council vote on term limits (I couldn't take another day of those alleged seats in the council chambers and so watched the procedings from our comfy couch on Comcast Channel 51), didn't think much of Maureen Feeney's performance as chair of the committee on government operations - which had bottled up the term-limits issue for months:

... She clearly found the subject distasteful. She repeatedly reduced the issues to sing-song platitudes. In many ways, she is the Pooh of the body, a bear of very little brain. ...

Not that he found much to love in the other councilors who voted against term limits, including Sal LaMattina, who wanted to put it up to a referendum:

... I really hadn't been paying enough attention to the abstracts. Of course, we are in the territory of MassResistance, the Mass Family Institute and the Christian Civic League of Maine. Let the people vote is the call. It is the perfect way to pass the buck and pretend you are being true to the roots of our nation and commonwealth. Treat each important idea as though it were a town meeting discussion and you don't have to be a leader or be responsible for any resulting decision and its effects. ...



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If everything has to go back to the voters, why bother having a council in the first place? Lay them off.

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The seats in the City Council meeting room (Iannella Chamber) are horrendously uncomfortable. You'd think they were designed to deter people from attending meetings and hearings. But, the seats on the far side of the room (supposedly reserved for press) are a tad more comfortable.

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You just reminded me that I noticed that one in each set of desks (3 of the 12) is a different, darker shade. They appear identical otherwise. What an oddment.

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