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Mystery dashes on Longwood Avenue explained


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I wonder why they didn't just go for the sharrow, which is standardized at the federal level.

Then again, I like experiments, and perhaps this will be better understood than a sharrow once they finish painting it.

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Sorry, I've been waiting for a chance to say that.

In any case, I think part of the painting project will include sharrows - which really ought to be explained to people like me who don't know what they are (well, OK, I've since been educated, but I doubt I'm alone).

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Theres no reason anyone should understand them in their current state. Watching the video, I thought it had something to do with car positioning when parking was allowed and when parking was not allowed (Im not familiar with the street, but many places have no parking during rush hour)

From the explanation in the blog, it seems a standard sharrow will be painted between the lines, but this brookline project went further by adding the striped lines. There is a street in long beach CA with sharrows and a full painted green lane (still a shared lane)

I do wonder why there is always such a large gap between line painting and the stencils here. There was a full 1 year wait in kenmore square between when the lines went in and when the bike stencils were added, Comm ave had a month long gap.

Many of the new bike lanes (columbus, north harvard ave) have the lanes but no bike markings....perhaps theyll show up in 6 months.

Winter is not an excuse, unless the striped lines went in hours before the first storm.

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