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Be careful when you order a pizza late at night

Channel 4 investigates the delivery and credit-card practices of Regal Pizza.


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I mean, it's not like other things are going on in Boston that affect residents. Right?

Snark aside, this place needs to be shut and gated immediately. There's no excuse for a place to be doing this, AND stealing credit card information from their customers.

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Hit up Yelp and read dozens of warnings about the place, and check out their ONE STAR rating.


Why aren't people demanding charge-backs? Why are people signing receipts with no items or totals? Why does this place still have a merchant account?!?

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What credit card processing company would dare do business with these guys? And why aren't people doing chargebacks?

If some rinky-dink little pizza place gets hit with dozens, if not hundreds of chargebacks and fraud complaints, the processing firms are going to nuke their account without a second look.

The official site now reads:

Minimum For All Delivery/Catering after 11pm $59.99
Please see menu for details and delivery charges.

Cute, but a disclaimer today doesn't excuse fraud in the past. I hope the Attorney General nails them to the wall and closes them down.

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Not to be confused with Royal Pizza on Washington Street (Somerville/Charlestown border) -- which is run by nice people and has good food. (What's with the Kingly pedigree nomenclature on da pizza?)

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