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Campaign roundup: Bill Galvin emerges from burrow, sees shadow, six more weeks of fall

Mike Ball reports on a rare live public appearance by Secretary of State for Life Bill Galvin.

Hey, West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain peeps: Today's the very special preliminary election for city council, so go vote.

Globe: Menino, union leader help Patrick push record on jobs and GOP rallies to candidates once seen as long shots.

Herald: Baker cooks up term limits and Deval slammed for insisting he’s the true 'outsider'.

The Outraged Liberal notes even some Republicans oppose Baker's term-limits idea.

Wicked Local covers the vitally important debate for auditor, which is a position you will not hear about again for four years.

Punditocracy: Margery Eagan says not very much.


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Understanding that there are both pros and cons of term limits and not looking to debate them at this time, I do find it interesting that the Herald used the Pioneer Institute on Public Policy to support Baker's position. On Baker's website he notes that he helped start the Pioneer Institute. If the Herald was looking to get an independent opinion it appears they picked the wrong think tank.

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"The kindly folk at Whitman Hanson Community Access TV recorded their version, replete with the Galvin sighting. They don't yet have their online video server (soon, soon), but promised to provide a disk"

Um....heard of Youtube? It's on this thing called the Internet. Competes with a service called Vimeo.

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Well, YouTube maybe OK for thee and me, but not for them. The very nice fellow I spoke with reported that the were not satisfied with the maximum quality of vids they could place there and the time limit precluded many of their programs. So there.

Hence, their solution will be their own streaming server.

I had exchanged email with a Democratic Town Committee person, who directed me to the cable TV folk. I let her know the deal and she responded, "I didn't say it would be high-tech...after all...it is Hanson!!! ;)"

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