City to get into parcel business in Orient Heights

Jim posts a copy of a letter from Tom Menino's East Boston liaison, Ernani DeAraujo, on the BPL trustee vote to shut the Orient Heights library. Among other things, DeAraujo writes:

We can arrange for book return pick up in the Heights and will experiment with delivery services for seniors who cannot walk to Meridian.

He also repeats the promised made by trustees to look at building a brand-new, 20,000-square foot library to serve all of East Boston.




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Federal money for new branches

This seems suspiciously like the old schools/new schools ploy. If the libraries couldn't get $3.5 million this year, where are they going to raise $20m in capital for new buildings? The city will kill local branches and then attempt to get the feds to pay for new buildings and new technology. This has the added bonus of patronage for Menino's favored architects, developers and building contractors.

Rather than properly tax and spend for local services, the city can go through these periodic presentations of bad faith and service interruption, and hope that the shiny new thing makes up for the 20 year gap when they decided not to do their jobs.

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quid pro quo and sweetheart deals for friend of Menino (BRA)

That's the quid pro quo for East Boston. Close your branch and build you a new one with all the inside deals sweetheart for real estate and rigged contracts for friends of Menino (BRA).

Does Menino read the papers?

Doesn't he know that the Louisiana purchase, Nebraska whatever and FL quid pro quo deals almost sunk health care reform?

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