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City says it remains committed to bike lanes in Charlestown - like the ones it just had erased

Boston Biker posts a copy of e-mail from the city's bicycle czar on why the city moved so quickly to remove the bike stripings it had just put down on Main Street a month ago - basically, the city should have talked to Charlestown residents first and it didn't.

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Yes, spending around $50,000 to paint bike lanes, and then around $20,000 to remove bike lanes only to possibly turn around and maybe spend $50,000 again is a brilliant strategy.

(Numbers from NYC costs, I dont know if Boston spends more or less)

And someone please explain to me why the community needs to be informed about a project that doesn't remove parking or car lanes but just adds a white stripe?

Do we need community meetings now when the city plans on repainting a faded crosswalk?

How about when a street light goes out, does the community need to vote if they want it fixed?

Personally, I hate when the city repairs sidewalks without my express written consent.

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They might even paint a yellow line down the middle of the road WITHOUT ASKING EVERYBODY IF IT IS OKAY!

"Civilization" (aka feudalism) might collapse if a city actually acted like a city.

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