City Council President Mike Ross names council committee chairs

The list follows. Anybody notice anything interesting, besides the fact that indicted (but still innocent) Chuck Turner doesn't chair anything? Also, note the new Committee on Women and Healthy Communities, which is described as focusing on improving the lives of "girls, women, and others" (hmm, does that leave anybody out?).

Committees and Chairs
Committee on Arts, Film, Humanities, and Tourism: Chair, John Tobin
Committee on City, Neighborhood Services and Veterans Affairs: Chair, Salvatore LaMattina
Committee on Economic Development and Planning: Chair, Bill Linehan
Committee on Education: Acting Chair, John R. Connolly
Committee on Environment and Health: Chair, John R. Connolly
Committee on Government Operations: Chair, Maureen E. Feeney
Committee on Housing: Chair, Rob Consalvo
Committee on Labor, Youth Affairs, and Human Rights: Chair, Felix G. Arroyo
Committee on Post Audit and Oversight: Chair, Charles C. Yancey
Committee on Public Safety: Chair, Stephen J. Murphy
Committee on Ways and Means: Chair, Mark Ciommo
Committee on Women and Healthy Communities: Chair, Ayanna Pressley

Special Committees
Special Committee on 2010 Census: Acting Chair, Felix G. Arroyo
Special Committee on Charter Reform: Chair, John Tobin
Special Committee on Federal Stimulus Oversight: Chair, Stephen J. Murphy
Special Committee on a Livable Boston: Chair, John R. Connolly




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