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DA: Jaewon Martin died because of gang feud he had nothing to do with

Suffolk County prosecutors charged today Jaewon Martin was gunned down in May by members of a gang out to attack another gang known to hang out in the same area as the 14-year-old.

The allegations came at the arraignment of Ramon Silvelo-Miles on charges of murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm. Timothy Hearns had earlier been charged with pulling the trigger and ending Martin's life. Silvelo-Miles was ordered held without bail.

Assistant District Attorney Edward Krippendorf said Silvelo-Miles drove one of two cars loaded with gang members out to shoot members of another gang known to hang out in the Heath Street area. According to a statement from the DA's office:

"Silvelo-Miles and his group were going to the Heath Street area for the purpose of shooting someone from the Heath Street gang," he said.

Upon arriving in the Heath Street area, the defendants and their associates observed Martin and the surviving victim on the basketball court. They parked nearby, and Hearns got out of one of the cars, Krippendorf said.

As Hearns approached the basketball court, Krippendorf said, he drew a loaded revolver and began firing at the victims, striking Martin fatally in the chest, and the surviving victim in the chest and the arm.

"At that point, Hearns fled the basketball court and returned to where he had come from, getting into Silvelo-Miles' vehicle. The two vehicles then immediately fled the area as Jaewon Martin collapsed on Columbus Avenue," Krippendorf told the court.

Innocent, etc.

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