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Delta House shut down after wild party

Mayor Curtatone better watch out on Homecoming Day. The Tufts Daily reports Somerville health officials shut the Delta Upsilon frat house at Tufts for a variety of health and safety concerns after firefighters responded to an alarm that went off in the middle of a party:

"So, we were having a party Saturday night; at some point during the party the front door came off its hinges, which was obviously a bad sign," he said. "Later, someone from another fraternity pulled our alarm; when that fire alarm got pulled, some of the fire department people came to make sure everything was alright."

Rumors have surfaced that an Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) brother pulled the alarm at DU and that the fire alarm that went off at the AEPi house later that same night was pulled in retaliation. Ross declined to comment further on this.

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