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Down the Cape, backlash begins against Earl hysteria before Earl even hits

Cape Cod Today harrumphs over evacuations and cancellations on the busy Labor Day Weekend:

Chatham officials urged evacuation due to possible flooding without apparently realizing the storm would hit there a low tide greatly reducing that possibility.

These decisions were made by the wrong people. As a chamber director say to me yesterday, "we have to take these decisions away from people who carry guns."

And, yes, the author is fully aware of the story of the mayor in "Jaws" and explains why that's not him.

If nothing else, Earl meant a stunning sunrise on the Cape this morning.


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Great catch, Adam. (photo embiggened) Evokes all the sensations that you'd have down there -- toes slippery on the dew, the breeze, the smells, the anticipation...

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