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Downtown Crossing club, scene of double stabbing, could be sold

Felt, scene of a scuffle-turned-double-stabbing over the weekend, was up before the Boston Licensing Board for an April 9 incident in which club goers continued their partying after hours in the parking lot across the street.

Dennis Quilty, lawyer for the club, said its owners have fired the manager on duty at the time for the lapse and that, in any event, they are now in the process of trying to sell the club.

Sgt. Paul Brooks of District A-1 said that around 2 a.m. on April 9, crowds exiting the club at closing time refused orders from police to disperse. Instead, some patrons popped open the trunks of cars in the parking lot, revealing large speakers, which they then used to blast music. He said it took 30 minutes - and the breaking up of several fights - before police officers could break up the crowd. Because some 15 additional officers had to be called in to restore order, some other 911 calls downtown went unanswered, he added.

Quilty said the club admits responsibility for the incident, although he said it's likely patrons from other nearby clubs were also involved. Mike Moran, the club's new manager, said one of his first decisions was to cancel the Thursday-night events that led to the problem.

At one point, Commissioner Michael Connolly asked Quilty if he were aware of any other violations at the club since that night. Quility said he was unaware of any.


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I'd read here: http://stuffboston.com/hot100-2010/archive/2010/07... that Felt was being bought by the folks behind The Tap and Noche, who were going to call it Sin. Maybe this development is a monkey wrench in those plans?

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The board was supposed to hear the request for a liquor-license request a few weeks ago, but Felt withdrew it so Dennis Quilty (who represents both Felt and the buyers) could explain the deal to a residents group (yep, downtown has residents' groups now) - the board tends to defer action on proposals that haven't gone through that process.

I think they're meeting with the local residents on Aug. 11, followed by a board hearing on Aug. 18.

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That place blows.

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