Fire department called to rescue riders from dead Blue Line train at Orient Heights

UPDATE: The T says buses will run instead of trains between Airport and Suffolk Downs at least through this evening as workers replace the downed power lines.

Local 718 tweets the train stopped 500 feet short of the station when the power went out this morning; firefighters were called in to help passengers get to the station.

MBTA Transit Police tweet the overhead power lines fell down between Orient Heights and Suffolk Downs.

The T replaced trains north of Maverick with shuttle buses, although Leah McCoy tweets some of the bus drivers were a bit unclear on the concept:

Epic fail. Blue line busing from wonderland to maverick. Except no one tells the bus driver, he kicks us off at orient heights.



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They are now apparently running trains again

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between Wonderland and Suffolk Downs. Latest alert from the T web page:

Blue Line service is being diverted at Maverick due to power problem at Orient Heights. Shuttle bus service will make local stops from Suffolk Downs to Maverick. Trains service will resume Suffolk Downs to Wonderland. Customers desiring service to Logan must use shuttle bus to Airport Station and connect with Private carrier to Logan. Silver Line service will run between Airport Station and South Station. 1/21/2010 10:08 AM

Interesting how they refer to "private carrier" instead of "Massport bus".

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