Groundbreaking today for new Liberty Mutual headquarters

The BRA informs us of the official ceremony at the site of the $300-million complex at Berkeley Street and Columbus Avenue.


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Making a Deal with the Deval

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One more reason not to vote for Deval - he (and our mayor) were willing to sell a little bit of Boston's soul to get this deal done. We tripled the zoning, gave them a tax credit far in excess of what they even paid for the land and in violation of almost every development interest and policy in the city approved a completely private habitrail over the street so they can get to their subsidized lunches without having to get hit with a raindrop or snowflake.

This made zero financial sense (can we all have a tax credit for twice the value of the next piece of land that we buy?) and LibMu's little private skyway was nothing but a prostitution of our public space.

For someone that likes to redistribute the wealth, interesting to see who Deval is redistributing to.

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