Growing number of credit-card thieves using them to put money on CharlieCards

For your basic crime-obsession needs, nothing beats MassMostWanted, where you get a daily dose of ne'er-do-wells doing, well, ne'er. Of late, I've noticed a common theme among many of the reports on people wanted for stealing credit cards, such as this report:

Arlington has had 3 motor vehicle breaks where wallets were stolen and the credit cards were used in Boston and Cambridge. The suspects use the cards to purchase Charlie Cards on the T, travel into South Boston, use the cards at 7-11 stores and gas stations to purchase cigarettes, Marlboro and Newport. They then take the T back to Cambridge where they use the cards in Harvard Square, C'est Bon Market, 7-11's and Hess Gas.

Complete with photos of a couple of the alleged perps at a T stop.


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A CharlieCard is effectively

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A CharlieCard is effectively a tracking device. Besides it tracking every time it's used, there's no reason they can't get a clear photo of someone each time the card is used in a context like a fare gate.

If they have fancy software, they can do even more than that.

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