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I think I shall never see, a thing as trolley-unfriendly as a tree

Yes, another tree has taken out the Riverside line, this time by having the temerity to fall on the overhead wires near Longwood, sparking a brush fire. Massive bustitution and angst result.

Apparently not wanting to be left out, the C line got itself shut as well when an out-of-service trolley derailed at St. Mary's, Channel 7 tweets. More massive bustitution and angst result.

Some riders managed to get caught in both messes. Phil R. tweets:

First my D train was rerouted, then they told everyone going to Reservoir to take the next C train, which just sat there.

He says it took him two hours to get home.

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I had to memorize Joyce Kilmer's 'Trees' in grammar school in the 70s. Damn hippie teachers.

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Kidlet just finished her final year at the Joyce Kilmer School, where they never had to memorize or recite that poem. Hmm, then again, I bet kids at the Mozart School don't have to perform a requiem.

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automatically substituting the Odgen Nash version.

"I think that I shall never see
A billboard as lovely as a tree ..."

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