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If you go up on Echo Bridge, could you hear the water gushing through it?

Echo Bridge before they put up fences.

In recent decades, the Newton Upper Falls landmark has become a place to jog or just take in the views - or listen to your echo - but with today's water emergency, the state reactivated the aqueduct the "bridge" was built for in 1877.

More Sudbury Aqueduct photos, from its start in Framingham to the gatehouse that lets it flow into the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

Reminder of who built the span: Boston Water Works

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So... this was built in 1877 but the thing that broke was built in the last decade?

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Michael Pahre describes an aqueduct break in 1859 (also at the Charles) - which led to the construction of the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

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