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Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it doesn't seem to have helped WGBH topple WBUR yet

Boston Music Intelligencer takes a peek at the latest Arbitron numbers for WGBH (and WCRB) and WBUR.

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I have pretty much given up on listening to any of the above. Weak signals, poor programming etc. I was a listener of WCRB for many years (even their AM station, many moons ago). Now I listen to my own music. Too bad. I hope the execs see the folly of their ways.

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It seemed like a crazy move - albeit probably the only way to keep WCRB on the air. Most cities have one NPR station, which does both news and music. Boston had one that did mostly news and one that did mostly music. Why was there suddenly a market to have 2 news stations and one music station?

In a bigger way, given that public radio is not commercial radio - and that contributions from "listeners like you" pay for it - it pisses me off that the 2 stations would enter into some sort of ratings war. Isn't the point of public radio that they should concentrate on serving the listeners rather than fighting with one another?

WGBH should probably eat crow, sell or close WCRB, and go back to the way they used to be. When I wanted news I could listed to WBUR, and when I wanted music I could listen to WGBH. That worked fine. I wish that's how it still worked.

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