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IRS bows to Mother Nature: disaster area tax deadline extended to May 11th

Not to minimize the pain that anyone who's been flooded is feeling, but this is just too much fun not to share.

Victims of severe storms and flooding in Massachusetts may qualify for tax relief from the Internal Revenue Service; relief comes in the form of some IRS deadlines being moved back to May 11, including the April 15 deadline for filing 2009 individual income tax returns.

From today's Boston Globe.

I always thought it was pretty amazing that New Englanders occasionally get a bonus day to pay taxes when Patriot's Day (a local Commonwealth-only holiday!) falls on the 15th - but this is almost a whole month!

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I think Maine celebrates Patriot's Day as well. Maine was part of Massachusetts until 1820. It became as state as the result of the Missouri Compromise.

With this logic Norfolk County should get Evacuation Day off since it was part of Suffolk County until 1793 but Suffolk County shouldn't get Bunker Hill Day off becuase Charlestown was part of Middlesex County until 1874, of course the shelling of Charlestown did originate from the North End and the Harbor.

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It's not (on other years when tax day falls on the 19th) because we, residents of the Commonwealth, are off celebrating the birth of our nation. It's because the IRS processing center in Andover is the one that handles most tax returns from New England, and apparently they are affected by our local state holiday.

Interestingly enough, Wisconsin has a public school special day, where they have extra curriculum teaching students about the history of Patriot's day (which is kind of cool, if you think of it).

And the attempted application of logic anywhere near Evacuation Day is just plain... illogical. Unless it's colored green with a shamrock or the like.

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I have friends who had basement offices flood. These are in basements that did not flood in either 1996 nor 2006 or any time in the last 20 years.

They have to get duplicate tax records to file with.

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