Joe the Tree Guy may have been done in by his penchant for the good life, not state red tape

The Globe runs a quick background check on the guy Charlie Baker dredged up to show how awful Massachusetts is for small businessmen:

American Express has filed a petition with the bankruptcy court, saying that DiStasio ran up more than $40,000 in bills on his personal card for luxury items in the weeks before the January filing.

Last month, Attorney General Martha Coakley fined one of his companies nearly $100,000 for significant wage law violations.

Oh, yeah, his former partner is suing him, alleging he siphoned company money for luxury items - he's still driving a 2008 Porsche Boxster convertible.

Joe the Tree Guy monicker by the Outraged Liberal.


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Drat That Information Society

Charlie Baker would have gotten away with a good juicy truthy meme if it weren't for those meddling libs!

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Quite appropriate

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I think if Baker was looking for a poster-child that exemplified and brought into real human terms current political trends, he really picked a winner. What better example of modern extremist Republican attitudes than someone as greedy, stupid, arrogant and as coated with blame-teflon than this idiot. Yeah it's the Governor's fault that I can't live like the rich guys I see on tv -- scamming whatever I can, screwing over my employees, blaming everyone else for my problems, filing bankruptcy, driving around in my Porsche...

The Republican party is in bad need of a renaissance of crusty New England-style fiscally conservative, but firmly attached to this reality kind of politics. The two Senators from Maine can't be the only ones. Not that I would vote Republican, but with Democrats living in this zero-gravity environment they've gone beyond soft and spineless to just being corrupt and/or incompetent (with the added characteristic of all politicians, egos the size of a bus with a brain that's been caught texting at the wheel).

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