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KDKA? Hah! Tufts claims dibs for first daily radio station

KDKA in Pittsburgh may have received the U.S.'s first commercial broadcast license, but Tufts University boasts its 1XE station was on the air and doing daily broadcasts before the Pennsylvania upstarts. Also:

Tufts has clear title to the claim of first commercial station in greater Boston, and remained one of the few area broadcasters in the 1920s. The station offered a smorgasbord of programming, including church services, boxing, and, on at least one occasion, an address by Boston mayor James Michael Curley. One of the most beloved programs was a half-hour show during which the “Story Lady, ” Eunice Randall, read children’s books. The station played both recorded and live music, including the song stylings of a local act called Hum and Strum. Even more popular, surprisingly, was a lecture series by Tufts professors. As many as 100,000 listeners tuned in to hear talks on dramatics, athletics, or bridge building.

Via Boston Radio Interest.

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