No bail for man charged with Allston murder

Jealousy spiralled into a murderous rage that left a father of six bleeding to death in the street Saturday night, a Suffolk County prosecutor said today.

Judge David Donnelly agreed with asssistant District Attorney Cory Flashner to hold Julio Mariscal, a.k.a. Julio Cuellar, 40, without bail at least until a probable cause hearing on May 4. Mariscal is charged with killing Jose Mendoza Villalta by plunging a kitchen knife into his chest at 7 Mansfield St. Villalta, a 40-year-old Salvadoran immigrant, leaves behind his wife and six children in El Salvador, Flashner said.

Flashner said Mariscal, Villata and some other people were drinking in Mariscal's apartment late Saturday when Mariscal left the room momentarily and Villata asked Mariscal's girlfriend to join him in a toast.

Mariscal returned, saw them toasting and got angry and began yelling, Flashner said. That got his girlfriend angry and she threw a cup at him, Flashner said, adding Mariscal responded by throwing a beer bottle at her - hitting her in the back. At that point, Flashner said, Villalta "told the defendant he should not act that way, he shouldn't be treating a woman like that."

The two men began to argue and eventually agreed to go outside and settle the dispute like men, Flashner said. Only as they were heading out to the street, Flashner said, Mariscal went to his kitchen and got a knife. He then went up to Villalta, still inside the building and, with his knife in his hand, punched Villata, sending the knife deep into his chest.

Flashner said police had no leads until Sunday, when an anonymous caller dropped a dime and told them they should hurry over to 7 Mansfield and look for a man called "Freddy," whom the caller said was the killer and was preparing to flee.

Flashner said that as homicide detectives were interviewing people in the building, a man rode up to the rear of the building on a bicycle. A detective asked him who he was and, Flashner said, he replied, "My name is Freddy, uh, no, my name is actually Julio."

Flashner said detectives then noticed Mariscal he had "a large, fresh cut on his hand," which detectives knew was "consistent with a hand sliding down the handle of a blade as someone is plunging a knife into an object."

Innocent, etc.