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Pierce: Will he stay or will he go now?



But I do give a damn if Paul Pierce retires as a Celtic, and I would give serious consideration to dropping my season tickets if they don't make a genuine effort to re-sign him.

(My cred: Born 1957 (year of first title); fan for my entire conscious life; bought tickets and cheered loudly during the Hank Finkel era; Did the same for Dino Radja, Antoine Walker, Raef LaFrentz, and Sherman Douglas; currently share a season ticket; C's license plates on car.)

I want Pierce to be a Celtic until HE decides it's time to hang up his sneakers. If that means we get a year or two later start on rebuilding, so be it. Personally, I think the team can be rebuilt nicely while he's here, but if it can't, I truly don't mind and I will still be a fan.

Just my two cents - Your mileage may vary greatly.


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The Globe reports.

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