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Third victim at the Same Old Place was Jamaica Plain man, 27

SotoFriends are identifying him as Winzisky Soto, whose online obituary notes he died "suddenly in Jamaica Plain November 22, 2010."

Soto, 27, leaves his parents, Wilson Soto and Daisy Pena, and his wife, Carolina Quinchia of Jamaica Plain.

Soto died as a result of a knife and gun battle that erupted inside the Centre Street pizza place Monday evening. Soto's cousin, Johnnel Cruz of Jamaica Plain, also died, along with Ariel Dume of Dorchester.

Police have said the deadly battle was gang related and that it started with a stabbing and ended with shootings. Soto was one of the two men fatally shot and died the next day at Boston Medical Center. Police have not identified who started the fight, which may stem from feuding - dating to the 1990s - among rival gangs along Boylston and Mozart streets in Jamaica Plain.

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