WGBH listenership flat, WCRB's down since talk/music shakeup?

Boston Music Intelligencer reports February ratings show WGBH listenership didn't increase after its changeover to all talk, while WCRB's has gone down since its takeover by 'GBH. Also discusses 'GBH's decision to stop talking to the site altogether.


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You reap what you sew

WGBH is sidestepping the questions because they really don't want you to know the answers. It's hard to justify all those VP's making high 6 figures while at the same time firing loads of people who were there for 20 years or more. Those folks did all the work to make the place a success and then they got rid of them all and brought in kids just out of college at lower salaries. They won't release the 990 until they can make it appear that things are under control.

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What? You mean folks don't like Classical 24 and its pabulum of re-fried Classical music?

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There is still room for

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There is still room for improvement at the new WCRB; however the current programming is a big improvement over what was previously programmed. Here's the composers on the Cathy Fuller's stint on 3/26 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.
Britten, Faure, Haydn, Sibelius, Bach(2), Salzedo,Chopin, Korngold, Dring, Enesco, Rung,Prokofiev,Mozart.
I think that's a pretty varied list. I've played alot of Bach on the piano... to refer to his music as pabulum is... I'm at a loss for words here.... I'll just say that's not a widely held opinion.

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