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Is Yelp passe?

Boston Food Diary alerts us to a brand-new, still-in-beta site called Smörgie (Nigel Tufnel a consultant?), whose goal is to let you share restaurant/bar recommendations:

... [It] allows you to upload a list of your favorite restaurants, complete with comments on your favorite or least favorite things about the place, and then share those lists with your friends. It will organize your "wish list" of restaurants and is even there for you with suggestions when you're looking for a cocktail after a rough day. ...

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Yelp became passe when they started allowing reviews of one time events. How is it helpful to anyone to
read a review of a Yelp Elites-only party from the night before?
Gee, I'd love to have checked out this Body Shot party at Ups and Downs last night! If only I had some sort of... hot tub time machine... *looks into the camera for 5 minutes*

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