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Andrew Wakefield to speak at Brandeis about the evil cabal conspiring against him

ScienceBlogs.com notes the invitation to speak at Brandeis this evening, extended to one Andrew Wakefield, anti-vaccination posterchild. His speaking engagement comes just two months after Boston's second outbreak of measles in less than a year.

Jake Crosby, who heads the group at Brandeis who invited Wakefield, is known for blogging about supposed conspiracies and conflicts of interest at ageofautism.com. The event is sponsored by...ageofautism.com. It gets better: Wakefield had established patents on a Measles vaccine, and his fraudulent research, paid for in part by lawyers of families with Autistic children trying to sue vaccine makers, was published in the midst of a rise in Measles cases in the late 80's. Wakefield stood to have profited enormously if the MMR vaccine was pulled off the market.

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He's there TONIGHT? Damnit. With a little more notice, I could've made it over there to heckle him, and maybe ask how he and Jenny McCarthy are enjoying their direct responsibility for the deaths of at least a dozen people in California. What a miserable specimen of humanity.

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I thought I would have heard about it sooner, too.

Maybe ask about the antivax ads in Times Square.

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How dissapointing that a fine institution such as Brandeis would provide a venue for Wakefield who is a proven fraud.

He has engendered a whole industry that preys on vulnerable people sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars by peddling false hope and alienating those folks to legitimate medicine and science.

Despite having his medical credentials revoked in the UK, he is alive and well here in the U.S.

This is not a proud day for Brandeis.

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From one person attending the event:

"I did ask him why he didn't report Nicholas Chadwick's negative PCR results for measles vaccine virus. He said he reported the positive results from the labs that got positive results. "

Sez it all, no?

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