Brain from Boston played role in identifying bin Laden's body

ABC News just reported that the government used a DNA sample from the brain of a deceased bin Laden sister held by a Boston hospital to match the DNA from bin Laden's body. Which hospital? Gotta be Mecca, no? UPDATE: Yes. Channel 5 reports the sister died at Mass. General.

Meanwhile, Sean Graham tweets:

Walking from [Independent Film Festival] (and dinner after) an MBTA cop was driving by and stopped to ask us if "we'd heard the good news".

Rear Admiral tweets:

If you had "Whitey Bulger" in the pool, I'll be up L St. paying out tomorrow.

David Bernstein reports the initial leader in the most inappropriate bin-Laden utterance competition, from a political director at a Massachusetts abortion-rights group:

Osama Bin Laden is dead. Celebrate by helping Ayanna win! Free Wednesday night by chance?



Yeah my first reaction to the

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Yeah my first reaction to the news was "wow, how can they be sure?" But if they can exclude his siblings by other means (in a known location, dead, different identifying features, etc.) then the combination of dna, physical appearance and location is probably unique enough.

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