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Charges dropped against men with Hyde Park ties for stabbing at South Shore Plaza

The Norfolk County District Attorney's office reports it recently dropped charges of armed assault with intent to murder against three men because the alleged victim and the main witness - his sister - refused to testify.

Geraldo Lerouge, 20, of Hyde Park, Ricardo Clermont, 21, of Quincy and Milor Nerette, 18, of Randolph, had all been charged for the attack, in which the victim was allegedly jumped and sliced with a box cutter while coming out of a chocolate shop on Feb. 17.

A spokesman for the district attorney's office said prosecutors were unable to persuade the victim and witness to show up in court; without them, there was not enough evidence to proceed.

Police say the three are part of the Wood Avenue Eagles, a Hyde Park gang whose members wear the colors of the Philadelphia football team.



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