The curse of the E line: SUV vs. trolley on Huntington Avenue

Crash aftermath. Photo by Brian D'Amico.Crash aftermath. Photo by Brian D'Amico. See more photos.

Local 718 reports two injuries in the crash around 10:50 p.m. near the firehouse at 560 Huntington Ave.

D'Amico reports it looks like the SUV driver attempted to make a left turn in front of the trolley.

E Line service is, of course, suspended until after the victims are extricated and the investigation completed.



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No left

Edit: This is actually the break in median (fire house emergency access to Huntington WB) with the no left turn sign.

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The train won, took out some

The train won, took out some windows and the front tire on the car. As a frequent user of the E line, its always nice to see someone attack it, makes up for the time Ive spent waiting for an inbound train when I watch 3 go outbound.

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