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DA: Man strikes out trying to sell Dustin Pedroia's stolen cleats, other Sox equipment online

A South Weymouth man faces charges in two states for allegedly trying to sell stolen Fenway equipment - and Dustin Pedroia's cleats - on a sports-memorabilia auction site.

Jamie Pritchard-Holland, 32, is charged in Boston Municipal Court with two counts of receiving stolen property, specifically, a 380-foot marker from center field, a home plate from the visitor's bullpen, the cleats and Kevin Youkilis's glove, all stolen in April 2010, our Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Pritchard-Holland faces separate charges in New York's Suffolk County, where he was arrested on May 5. The auction site is based there.

Innocent, etc.

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Was he a Fenway employee when he did this? If not, how was he able to do it?

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Steal whatever you want from the team, but the day you mess with Johnny Pesky is the day you forfeit your life in the state of Massachusetts.

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