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DA: Readville man shot repeatedly in feud between two Roxbury gangs

HallHallJavann Hall of Dorchester was arraigned today on charges he acted as the driver for a gunman who blasted away at a Readville man about to get his todller out of the car Saturday night.

Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Mark Lee estimated the victim was hit eight or nine times by bullets as he and his girlfriend stood outside their apartment on Millstone Street, in one of the city's most remote, quietest areas. Lee told West Roxbury District Court Judge Kathleen Coffey that while the victim is expected to survive, he is still in bad enough shape that officials are still not sure exactly how many times he was shot.

Lee said authorities have identified the shooter but have yet to arrest him.

Lee said the victim is an associate of the H Block gang from the Humboldt Avenue area of Roxbury and that the shooter is a member of a gang associated with the Orchard Park project, and that the shooting arose from "an ongoing feud" between the two groups. He said the feuding is taking place "in sort of a larger setting," which he declined to discuss.

Nonsense, Hall's attorney, William Tobin said. Hall, 26, he said, denied any involvement. Tobin said Hall is a Madison Park High School graduate working as a salesman for Just Energy of Chelsea - and volunteering as a mentor for Boston's Street Safe program to try to steer kids away from violence. One Street Safe counselor attended Hall's arraignment to show his support.

Lee said the victim and his girlfriend were unloading their car - their 18-month-old toddler still inside - when the gunman walked up and started shooting. Hall, he said, then drove up, the shooter got in and they sped off.

Lee asked for bail of $1 million. Coffey set bail at $75,000.

Innocent, etc.

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